Charles Kane

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Clan: Ventrue

Alias: Charles Kane

Offices/Station: Neonate

Abiding Status:

  • Guardian

Fleeting Status:

  • Honourable from Harpy Royale Frederick Rex Reinhartr
  • Loyal x3 from Prince Rowena Ballentyne
  • Honourable from Harpy The Venetian

Appearance: Coming Soon

Notable Traits: Coming Soon



  • (9th) John Thurloe
    • (10th) Adrienne Devane
      • (11th) Charles Kane


  • "“No, improvising is wonderful. But, the thing is that you cannot improvise unless you know exactly what you're doing.”" - Charles Kane
  • "“I'm going to warn you once, I've taken two days of Karate at the YMCA.”" - Charles Kane


  • Charles Kane was Embraced while the city was still under Sabbat control at the same time as the Hunter offensive which wiped them out. Rumour is he was Embraced an Antitribu but was adopted into the Camarilla before he could be inducted into the Sabbat. Supposedly he was Embraced soley due to his last name; Kane = Cainite
  • Charles Kane was heavily involved in a massive public works project involving the repatriation of the sewer system which made the underground especially hospitable to Nosferatu, for which they privately owe him several Boons
  • Charles Kane was hand picked as the chief negotiator with the Independent Alliance by the first Prince of Hamilton. Some say it's because he has some personal connection with the Giovanni from his living days... others say the connection is with the Setites.
  • After his Embrace, some say Charles returned to his gaming roots from University and joined a D&D campaign
  • Kane's Sire was an insane Ventrue who Embraced him as part of a murky plot againts her own clan.
  • Kane is former hunter who allegedly remained target number one by the other members of his cell for being a 'traitor'.
  • Kane is being hunted by the Anarch Movement and, allegedly, certain factions within the Camarilla. And, yet, he is allegeldy being protected by very high powerful Elders in his own clan. What value he holds seems a mystery.


Player: David La Rush
Location: [Hamilton, ON|Hamilton, ON]
VST: Leanne W