Charles Yea

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Admiral Charles Yea Al-Karami

Notable Traits:

Society: Camarilla Ancilla

Clan: Ventrue


Under construction

A quick outline of my character to help make ties.

Charles Yea is an ancillae of the Ventrue House Al-Karami based in Orem, UT. Prior to 1820 Yea was a mortal Officer in the British Navy From 1820-1850 Yea was a smuggling captain for his sire in the eastern med, based out of Malta. From 1850-WWII Yea was an independent Captain specializing in providing Kindred luxury travel accommodations, with appropriate security and provisions. From 1960 on Yea runs a Marina & Resort out of Santo Domingo.


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OOC Information

Player: Andrew H

Storyteller: Brent W