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Innate Status

  • Initiated in the Sabbat
  • Branded as Agent of the Black Hand

Fleeting Status

  • Triumphant by destroying the target of a Wild Hunt
  • Triumphant by destroying the target of a War Party

Notable Traits

  • Branded crescent moon on the right hand
  • Wears simple, nondescript clothing.

You're one of them, aren't you...


  • "Him, Me and a building full of 20 Plus False Sabbat.... Poor FUCKERS didn't even know what hit em." - Trashfire
  • "Where are your angels?" - Verkenner
  • "Your quote." - Display Name


  • Charlie came to San Marcos on orders to either stabilize the Diocese, or destroy it.
  • Charles Foster isn't his real name, he took it from some old movie.
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I've got you now, I'll show you all / I'll kick out the chair, let you dangle slow
I want to hold you close, Soft breath, beating heart, As I whisper in your ear, I want to fucking tear you apart
All you have is your fire, and the place you need to reach / Don't you ever tame your demons; But always keep them on a leash
So, go ahead and scream all you want, 'cause that only excites me

Charles Foster

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos Sabbat
Player: Jonathan S.
VST: Kevin W.