Charlie Lessard

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Praise Caine!


Member of the House of Flesh Pack

Known Collaborators



"Silence of Blood must be maintained. No matter the cost."

Commonly Known Information
Name: Charles Lessard
Nickname: Doctor Notable Traits:
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Tzimisce
Faction: Moderate
Statuses: Initiated, Loyal ( Granted by Cardinal Yitzak in 1998 )


  • Grand-Sire: Claudius Dragos ( PC played by Vincent Sageau-Amyot )
  • Sire: ( Non-Essential NPC )
  • Sibbling: ( PC Played by Nassim Brouahaha )
  • Sibbling: ( PC played by Steven Ahern )

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace:
    • Born and raised in Montreal
    • Family has a long line of Doctors and medical professionals
    • Became a surgeon to follow in parent's footsteps
    • Moved to the United States to practice, the money was better there
    • Gained dual Citizenship and joined the US Military, was deployed during the first Gulf War as a combat medic
    • Was dishonorably discharged, see rumors
    • Lost his practice and turned himself into a Night Doctor for the criminal underworld
  • Post-Embrace:
    • Embraced in 1995
    • Received rites of passage in early 1998
    • Grew rapidly to be a force to be reckoned with in combat for his ability to handle damage
    • Quickly gained mastery of Vissicitude as well as Fortitude
    • Helped the evacuation of Montreal when the retreat order was given during the 1998 Snow Storm

Personality traits

Rumors (Please add some!)

  • Reason why he was dishonorably discharged is because he tortured captured Iraki soldiers during the Gulf War.

Quotes about Doctor Lessard (Please add some here, too!)

  • He's got some cojones. I haven't fought him, probably 'cause he knows better. But he's solid. He's welcome at the club anytime. -Ryder

OOC Information
Player: Jean-Sebastien Primeau
Player email:
IC Email:
C@M Number: CA200403033
VST: Stephen McCavour
Domain: Montreal, QC

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