Chase Jordan

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Chase Jordan


Born: 1640 CE
Embrace date: 1870 CE
Generation: 8th
Clan: Tremere
In Service to: Lord Haake
Sire: Laura West
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Territory: Over the NW, GL, NC
Current Location: The Yakima Arboretum. Yakima, WA
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
ST Point of Contact: AANST Tremere Gargoyle


Physical Description

Chase was young and unhealthy when he was ghouled in London, as a servant to Meerlinda’s chantry. He looks like a black man just out of his teenage years. He remains sickly looking and doesn’t tend to his appearance very much. His work is more important to him. As he often works outside, his clothes can have dirty patches and leaves and twigs on them.

Brief History

Chase was a prison guard who worked at the Tower of London in the late 1650’s. He grew up in London, in the tower, because his father also worked there. His favorite childhood memories are of growing herbs and lettuce at the base of the Tower of London to bring home to his mother.

He was chosen by Meerlinda due to his mortal job and his mortal affinity to the Path of Elemental Mastery. As a mortal Chase was creating crude elemental Homunculi. She dominated the youth and had him release a prisoner to further some short term political scheme.

After the prison break, Meerlinda brought Chase to the Prime Chantry for study and the possibility of embrace. He traveled with her to the Chantry, and she bound him with her blood and mind during the journey. Once there, he proved skilled in the Path of Elemental Mastery. He learned every step of it as a ghoul, but was never ever to codify his elemental Homunculi as a repeatable ritual. A task he continues to pursue to this day. As a ghoul, he befriended many of the teachers and students of the Path of Elemental Mastery, by going out to the countryside and markets to gather herbs and seeds for their research. Eventually he was trusted with missions and traveled the world gathering the mystic plants and herbal traditions from all over the world, always sending seeds back to the Prime Chantry for study. The event of his return from a mission would be cause for all of the “Green Mages” to drop whatever they were doing and rush out to the greenhouses to see what exotic plants, cuttings, and tubers he had returned with. He always kept an eye out for the teachers’ special requests.

After the American Civil War, the rising star, Laura West, saw in Chase a lot of stored goodwill and the potential to exploit it. She brought him with her to found her Chantry and used his network of “Green Path” contacts to get herself started. She readily showed him how he should be monetizing (with boons) his collection not only of rare plants, but also the locations and contacts he had made over his hundreds of years of travel. Chase had and continues to have grave reservations about this, but has come to see it as a necessary evil. He was one of Laura’s greatest success stories and has quickly risen to the same rank as his sire. A step he took mostly to escape her clutching hands.

Chase remains bloodbound to Meerlinda. He thinks about (and talks about) her, and her goals (as he perceives them), often. Over the years, he has travelled with her on secret missions to rare elysian groves and waterfalls to collect water samples and herbs and small fish. He likes to think that he has some special insight into her wants and needs. He has, over the past four hundred years, for various reasons named several plant cultivars after “Linda” through intermediary mortals. Three flowers, a sagebrush, an edible poison ivy, a red puffball mushroom, and four cherry trees.

If any kindred (not just Tremere) student of botany shows promise or interest, he might share seeds with them. He maintains a seed exchange out of the Yakima Arboretum with an interesting collection of rare plants, seeds, tubers, and cuttings. If there is a rare mandrake root you need, Chase probably has one or at least knows where they grow and what phase of the moon one should dig it up under.

Chantry Description

The Yakima Arboretum is one of the friendliest Chantries one might have the hope of visiting. Established in 1967 by the Central District of the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs (36 garden clubs in all), the Yakima Area Arboretum is a non-profit organization. The Yakima Area Arboretum is a living museum, of over 1000 specimens of trees, forbs, grasses and shrubs, on 46 acres of land managed as collections, display gardens and natural areas.

On the first Wednesday of each month, following an ancient tradition, Chase opens his Chantry to kindred visitors.

Known Childer

  • Céline Beauharnois
  • At present, Chase has several promising ghouls and mortal agents that he sends on missions, much like the missions he and Gary Hobbs had all those years ago.

Known Acolytes, Apprentices, Magisters

Chase is a High Regent with a fully staffed chantry. The students come from all over the world to learn the Path of Elemental Mastery. Teachers and students Chase befriended at the Prime Chantry often visit for lectures and presentations of their own. Now it is Chase’s turn to rush out to the Greenhouses to see what they have brought him.


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