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Lupus Childrenn of Gaia Galliard Concordat of Stars


Wolf and Squirrel.jpg

Homid Name: none
Deed Names:

  • "Chases Tales"

“Rank:” Cliath
Auspice: Galliard
Breed: Lupus
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Camp: Annointed Ones


  • Squirrel King

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid: Twenty something maybe? With a brown goatee and long brown hair. often somewhat unkempt. Dresses in an MIT hoodie that SH4M4N got him and some cast off jeans. In nice weather he wears sandals, but in bad weather he wears boots. A battle scar is vaguely visible on his neck and left shoulder. Sometimes carries a staff.
  • Lupus: Chases Tales is absolutely indistinguishable from an Eastern Coyote, often known as a coywolf. There is scarring on his left front flank and neck.
  • Crinos: A towering hulk of tawny fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. He is still marked by a battle scar running down his left neck and shoulder.

Regardless of his form, he is surrounded by squirrels at all times.


  • Eyes of the Forest — Fianna, Theurge,Pack Alpha
  • Avalanche — Wendigo Metis, Ahroun, Wyrmfoe
  • Edgar — Corax

Basic Timeline:

  • 2012 - the wolf to be known as Chases Tales is born of a red wolf kinfolk and a nuwishiwa kinfolk.
  • 2014 - January. The Wolf who will become Chases Tales undergoes his First Change as he comes to the aid of werewolves fighting formori in his territory. They take him into the proto Sept.
  • 2014 - January/February - in a pack with a few others, he undergoes his rite of Passage, earning the name Chases Tales for gathering a great deal of the tales of Boston, as well as what would become his storytelling style - Tall Tales. He also earns a the minor Title of "The Squirrel King", and squirrels follow him nearly constantly.
  • 2014 - July (Historical Game), Chases Tales participates in finding the future Caern center as well as the Rite of Caern Making for the formation of the Sept of the Eastern Skies. He also leads the performance to summon the Goddess Danu to be totem over the Caern.
  • 2014 - Fall - The Battle of Siamese Ponds - Chases Tales goes to provide healing and to record the story of the Battle of Siamese Ponds.
  • 2016 - December, Andrea "Andi" Vellasquez, or "Stands the Line", Black Fury Ahroun and Beta to the Neighborhood Watch pack dies protecting a gay couple from some skinheads who turned out to be Formori. Chases Tales is very hurt by Andi's dying as he saw her as the true den parent as well as a true friend.
  • June 2017 - was challenged for Talesinger, and stepped down, recognizing that he still has a lot to learn. Especially since he is working on how to tell tales in the "tall tale" format, rather than in the wolf-howl format.

Allies and Friends

  • Edgar Bird Friend
  • SH4M4N Homid Friend and teacher of the gaming box. Former packmate


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  • Provided Healing and Morale support during the Battle of Siamese Ponds in the North East.
  • Has stood as Talesinger since 2014, where he played several key roles in ensuring the successful planting of the Sept of the Eastern Skies Caern Seed.
  • Once told an Incarna "Bad spirit! No gnosis!".
    • And Survived
  • Really is the king of all squirrels. Too bad it only means headaches for him.
  • His packmates are still struggling to teach him 'how to people'.
  • Was responsible for granting the Bite to a BSD Kinfolk who is trying to escape her fate as their prey.


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