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Chatter Birds.JPG

Who the hell is that?!

Names/Aliases: Chatterbeak, Chatter, Chatterbox (Whaaat?), Polina Takala
Chatter Stabs You!.jpg

Auspice: Ragabash! We're *all* Ragabash!
Type: Corax
Breed: Corvid
Rank: Neocornix/Fostern
Pure Breed: Ravenest Raven to ever raven! (Not Applicable)
Positions/Titles: BEST BIRD EVER!!!
Protectorate: Pueblo, CO
Pack: None, yet!

Sexy bird!

Homid Description: Chatter is twentyish in this form, looking a lot like her Leshy mother with long, dark hair, oddly pale eyes, and a stubborn smirk. She usually wears dark clothing that's too big for her, with stompy boots and a gigantic hoodie.

Corvid Description: That is one big black bird! Chatter is a Corax, so her Corvid form is much bigger than the average Raven. Her feathers are blue-black, and she is rather proud of her well-kept beak and feet.

Crinos Description: WHO TOLD YOU I HAVE A CRINOS FORM?!?!




  • "Can I perch on your head?."
  • "Watch it, danger fish!"
  • "I think the only thing Chatterbeak and I have not discussed yet is music tastes. We already know that our taste in "food" is comparable." - Ed

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  • "I've heard that she has been to the Abyss and back, but lost a part of herself there."
  • "Can you believe her father cursed her? I thought she was close to her family!"
  • "Dare ya to call her a crow... Double *dog* dare ya!"

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OOC Information

Chatter Soars!.jpg

Player: Katie "KT" Faulkner-Kelly /

MES Number: US2002021288

Location: Denver, CO


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