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"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. – Ralph Waldo Emerson "

Fortune and Fate

NAME: Chaunce duFresne
NOTABLE TRAITS: ice blue eyes, like those of an artic wolf pup
BORN: 1671 – French Louisiana Territories
EMBRACED: 1800 Adopted by Josefina Sanchez
SOCIAL STANDING: Machiavellian Prodigy Elder
QUICK CONCEPT: A Skald and a Courier, witnessing what life has to offer by living it to the fullest.
BLANKET STATEMENT FOR THIS PC - This is a female PC, played by a female identifying player. Consent is not tacit, please obtain.
CAVEAT EMPTOR - this PC is Bad Decision Theatre, and may make bad choices for the sake of good/interesting story. You have been warned.


Current standing within the Camarilla

* - Confirmed
* - Established
* - Privleged
* - Courteous
* - Defender
* - Courageous
* - Accepted


1705 - 1725 Serapion New Orleans

1725 – 1750 Octavia Lyn Rescued from Serapion Shared by her regnants

1750 – 1800 Diego Vega – California and West Coast

1800 – Embraced and Abandoned in typical Gangrel Fashion. Adopted by Josefina Sanchez

1805 – 1875 – All across the US Southwest and Arizona

1875 – 1900 – San Francisco – Sent back to Diego Vega for final Accounting

1900 – Released from Accounting

1901 – Richmond, VA – Sent to Luminary Brujah Elder Roman Courage to learn to master the gifts of Presence

1901 - 1912 Served as Courier for Roman Courage to and from Richmond.

1912 – Attends elevation of Josefina Sanchez to Founding Prince of the City of Phoenix
1901 – 2017 Worked as courier for multiple Elders, Houses , and Cities to courier missives and packages across the USA Clients Include

  • Quintus Lucius Varro, Carpathian (Washington, DC)
  • The Conductor, Nosferatu (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Claire Bradford, Toreador (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • David Archer, Ventrue (Boston, MA)
  • Caliban, Lasombra (Los Angeles, CA - Inland Empire)
  • Roman Courage, Brujah
  • Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani (Originally - Persia/Iran, Since 2002 - Phoenix, AZ)
  • Cornelius Weatherford, Brujah
  • Nathaniel Courage, Brujah (Phoenix, AZ)
  • 3chelon (Phoenix, AZ)

1920 -Formed Reliable Courier Services, a service provided by members of Clan Gangrel and Clan Nosferatu to carry personal missives by and between members of the Tower and other (non-Sabbat) groups, in an effort to maintain privacy and cater to the needs of Elders who were resistant to modern communication. Discretion and Privacy mandatory. Couriers she has worked with or employed

  • Chocktaw Joe (ooc: Damon Edwards)
  • Mark Conners (ooc: Jacob Tessendorf)
  • Donovan Gibson (ooc: Garrett Hyde)
  • Pollux Xenos (ooc: Michael McGough)
  • Add your name here

For continuous support of the Tower, and dedication to preserving the Masquerade by establishing Reliable Courier Services for the Elders of the Camarilla, and Kindred Kind, Chaunce is elevated to the ranks of Elder on January 1, 2000.

Oh Fortuna!

Gossip makes the world go round

* Chaunce never sticks around in one city for very long
* Chaunce has a "girl in every port" which is WHY she never sticks around
* Chaunce is faithfully married, and the minute anyone gets close, she bails
* Chaunce is terrified of commitment and sabotages any relationship that lasts too long
* Chaunce is owned by half a dozen Elders and Houses, her boon list looks like the Yellow Pages
* Chaunce is a spy for the Lasombra
* Chaunce is a spy for the Ventrue
* Chaunce is a spy for the Tremere
* Let's just face it, Chaunce works for everyone, she could be spying on us all
* Chaunce has a Code of Honor that demands she be honest and forthright in all business dealings
* Chaunce has a metal allergy - she's allergic to bullets
* Chaunce is an accomplished storyteller, and has been known to perform around the fire for Gatherings (and at the SCA)
* Looking for Chaunce? Hit up the local RennFaire or SCA fighter practice, someone may have seen her there
* Tommy Righteous Made the mistake of insulting Josefina Sanchez once when Chaunce was in town. She punched him in the face. Hard. He took it like a champ. Now they are drinking buddies.
* Chaunce and Dr. Edmund Sloan were involved once, she left for no apparent reason. Edmund has never forgiven her.
* Chaunce has a love for poetry, especially older poetry
* It's said that Chaunce knows how to contact some really hard-to-find Luminaries... and no, she won't tell you how
* Chaunce was supposed to have been embraced Lasombra, but she was poached

Allies and Others

Haven’t I seen you here before? ...

Rumi The Conductor Lavinia MacDonald Edmund Sloan Claire Bradford Quintus Lucius Varro Pollux Xenos Diego Vega 3chelon|NAME NAME NAME

Take a Chance and Roll the Dice…

*A Kindred with an adventurous soul. So inquisitive, so alive. I look forward to her visits, no matter the time between them. Jozef Prinz
*An excellent and reliable courier, I deeply value the services she has performed. Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
* Sometimes something sticks in your mind, and it stays in there for a long time. With that one, there's a verse I heard ages ago, back when it was just true, not pretty. The "quality of mercy" and being twice blest and all. Of course, that one should be more careful with her blessings. Garvin McCarthy
* Able and brave in the aid to others, I have seen her shed her own blood without a thought. I'm unsurprised she rose above her age and blood, for though she's known for her stories, it's her courage I will remember her for. Cornelia Mowebary
* "No, I would rather not go speak with Chaunce. Yes, I am aware she's an excellent Skald. She just...makes me uncomfortable. It's a feeling I do not like. Hazard her company as you will." Mila Rurik
* "My ersatz Childe, a better architect I do not know." Diego Vega
* "I witnessed her shed blood to assist an Elder Brujah from frenzying. She has my full respect." Asher Meier
* "There are Elders I hoped to work for and then there are Elders I am blessed to have their company. Chaunce will always ask and never demand, smile and never sneer, and always be accepting and gracious of the tasks completed. I am honored to have her ear and grateful for her friendship and it makes my job effortless even when maximum effort has been expended." Pollux Xenos
* Add your quote here! NAME HERE

RP Opportunities

I am always open to RP opportunities, I believe in a shared story! Hit me up!


Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Gangrel
Position: None
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 10th Ancilla
Lineage: None
Bloodline: None

OOC Information

Player: Charmain Hopkins
Email: Email Me
Location: Arizona
Storyteller: Leah Harmon
Contact: DMH C/A VST