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Character Description


Name: Chelsea Star

Notable Traits: Looks Human

Clan: Toreador

Sect Camarilla

Position Scourge, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Enforcer

Fleeting Status: Loyal - Prince Ixilan, Thunder Bay, ON

Favoured - Luminary Elder Varangian, Kelowna BC

Favored - Elder Graysson, Pheonix AZ

Loyal - Elder Devergobret, Prince Vancouver BC

Generation: Neonate

Place of Birth: Canada

Gender: Female



LogoClanToreadorred.png Embraced - 2000

Public Information



LogoClanToreadorred.png Unknown

Quotes by Chelsea

LogoClanToreadorred.png "It's just a Caitiff" when asked who Pheonix was.

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LogoClanToreadorred.pngChelsea is a sabbat infiltrator

LogoClanToreadorred.pngShe might look soft, but she's a tough nut to crack

LogoClanToreadorred.pngChelsea is a blood doll to powerful elders.

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Quotes About Chelsea

LogoClanToreadorred.png Both Efficient and kind, she is an asset to all who know her. Victoria Fairfield

LogoClanToreadorred.png "Such efficiency and grace in everything she does. And is utterly perfect at being exactly what she wants people to see her as." - Phoenix

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LogoClanToreadorred.png Gunnvaldr Graysson

LogoClanToreadorred.png Sister Matilda

LogoClanToreadorred.png Kimo

LogoClanToreadorred.png Elijah Frost

LogoClanToreadorred.png Dr Barold-Rhodes

LogoClanToreadorred.png Ethan Allistar

LogoClanToreadorred.png Victoria Fairfield

LogoClanToreadorred.png Chuck Olsen

LogoClanToreadorred.png Ixilan

LogoClanToreadorred.png Richard Masters

LogoClanToreadorred.png Cillian Rogers

LogoClanToreadorred.png Phoenix

OOC Information

Player: Helene Neale


Story Teller: Sarah Hayes :

VSS: Northern Winds