Cherie van Xandt

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Name: Madame Cherie Van Xandt

Supernatural Type: Changeling

Union: Merchant's

Chartered Company: VX Resort

Notable Traits:
Madame of the Demimonde
Long, pure white hair



Family by Friendship

Friends and Associates



  • "There is no more dangerous woman on this planet than Cherie van Xandt" Captain Xanatos Hawthorne
  • "There may be a more wonderful woman on this planet than Cherie, but I have yet to find her." Aiden
  • "Still thinking it over. Mulling? Mulling it over. How about some mulled wine? That sounds good right now." Bones
  • "Mon petit chou is a study in grace and wise action. She can seamlessly transform from the genteel madame into your worst enemy. It all depends on you. I cannot imagine being , nor what I might do without my better angel." Hermès Van Xandt
  • "Have you heard what your husband's done?" Aiden
  • "She's astute. I have no doubt she could be incredibly dangerous if she so wished." Lux
  • "You will not harm her. You will not touch her without her permission. You will pay at the front desk." Clinks
  • "To find a business woman both as brilliant and beautiful as her, I think one might needs go to the Core itself." Lt. Com. Winchester(Ret.)
  • "It was good to see her again after so long. And to see how high she has risen in that time." Adam
  • "She worries so much about those in her charge. I wonder if they would do the same for her." Aiden
  • "Quote" Visible Name


  • Before Hermes, she was married to her Keeper
  • She's learned Supernal Magic from her husband
  • She's really a Thurisaz, maybe even the Monarch themself.
  • Insert your own rumor
  • Insert your own rumor

OOC Information

Player: Caitlin Reynolds

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kyle B.

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Location: Austin, TX


  • Lady Sally McGee (Callahan's Lady by Spider Robinson)
  • Wild west brothels