Chris "Wrong Mountain" Brooks

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"I'll tell you where the real road lies: between your ears, behind your eyes."

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Chris Brooks

Deed Name: Wrong Mountain

Tribe: Silent Striders

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Cliath

Notable Traits:

Pack: Moose's Charge

Sept: White Fields

OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png OneInchSpacer.png Wrong Mountain "Wrong" "Mountain"


Chris grew up outside the Nation, unaware of their Garou nature or indeed anything supernatural. Only child of a single dad, they spent their childhood moving all over the US and bits of Canada and Mexico as he changed jobs several times a year, until his death when Chris was fifteen. They spent the next three years in foster care in Vermont, then attempted college at Oregon State and UVM in between hitchhiking cross-country. They went through First Change in November 2018, and were found the next morning by a small pack consisting mostly of Black Furies and one Child of Gaia, where they stayed until their Rite of Passage in March. Shortly thereafter, Chris and the other two Cliaths formed Moose's Charge and moved to the Sept of the White Fields.


Homid: about twenty, tall and gangly, with pale skin, black hair dyed green, and perpetual dark circles under their eyes. Usually in cargo pants and plaid flannel, with a Kansas Jayhawks hoodie in cold weather; always wears a chainmail bracelet with a compass on their left wrist.

Lupus: a rangy grey with a fluffy tail, looking like they haven't quite grown into their legs yet. Likes to wear brightly colored bandannas when not at formal occasions.


  • Weirdly comfortable in lupus for a Lost Cub, what's up with that?
  • Chris is part Glasswalker. Or Fianna, or Bone Gnawer/Uktena/Shadow Lord/Nuwisha/Corax...
  • This one time, they got possessed and Soul Seeker had to punch the ghost out of them.
  • They have a thing for that small Japanese cliath from the Black Unicorn Hive Dive with the way they were all over her and all.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Deft. Steadfast. They handle ghosts just as well as I do." - Alex Drake
  • " Chris-san..I love them very much! They are very sweet and caring, and shy as well. We understand each other a lot. Watashitachiha tomodachidesu yo ne? " - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "There's a lot of cleverness and wit under a thoughtful exterior. They have the promise of a deeper wisdom that I look forward to seeing grow." - Three-Step
  • "They are a hero to the Sept of the White Fields as a Cliath, They will do great things!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
  • "A kind heart and a loyal friend. I'll share movie night with them anytime." AmeliaThunder
  • "I cant wait to see what this Cliath does as they gain rank and further prove themselves to the Nation." Carries the Dead
  • " Chris is the best room mate ever and a most amazing and sweet friend as well :) I love them very much! You can count on 'em for anything really! R3N3G4D3

OOC Information

Player: Betsy M

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Storyteller: Vance Walsh

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Location: Western MA, MA-005-D