Christian Gerard Marceau

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“I never lie; at least not to those I don't love.”
— Lestat

Your love looks like blood tonight.

Name: Christian Gerard Marceau
Camarilla Position: Elder of the Rose
Lineage: Member of House Kensington
Notable Traits: Courteous, Blase, Jovial
Status Traits:

  • Acknowledged
  • Confirmed as an Elder of the Blood
  • Established as an Elder of the Blood
  • Privileged as an Elder of the Blood
  • Loyal by Emile Bouchard, Toreadore Primogen of Dallas

Physical Description: Christian Gerard always dresses to impress. He seems to glide when he moves in a room. There is a ready smile on his lips and an inner fire his eyes.

High-Level Concept: Seeking to achieve what he perceives as success in the Ivory Tower to protect his lineage.

RP Role: An information, influence, and power broker: Christian is a kingmaker, wielding the power behind the throne and his patronage can make or break any up and coming political aspirant or artist.

Persona: A kindly and personable Elder. He is known to be kind and doting to close friends and family, but rumors abound of brutal punishments behind the scenes for those who disobey or misbehave. None would ever mention this to his face of course....

Personal History

Christian was born in France in the early 1400s. While studying with mortal "Masters" he was discovered by Sir Simon Kensington. His skill took him from just another apprentice to Childer. Christian learned quickly as the need of the times forced him to. He excelled as a General for Sir Simon Kensington. After his release from the Accounting he moved around quite a bit. Traveling from country to country to learn the styles of their artists.

He finds himself these nights in Dallas, working to secure the city for the Tower.

Rumor Mill

  • Elder Marceau is the true power behind the throne in Dallas.
  • Elder Marceau desires the death of Elder Enzo DuBois.
  • Elder Marceau is maneuvering against and will kill his own grand-childe in order to satisfy his own desire to be Prince of Dallas.
  • Elder Marceau would rather screw around than save his own life. His "allies" are really just his lovers his enemies are his ex's
  • Place your rumors here.


  • "The first Rose in my garden. I chose well when I chose him. Should time or enemy lay me low, I will go to dust knowing that my garden is left in the skilled hands of my only childe." - Lord Simon Kensington
  • "While our progenitor is Our Beloved, Christian is Our Dearest. He takes command when need be, and can quell even our darkest fears. He is a quiet storm, and, like our Beloved, is not to be tried." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "Grandfather is a man who most don't really understand him. Though he rather enjoys watching what I even do." - Nathaniel West
  • "One night, I going to say 'I told you so.'" - Landa Salinas
  • "A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom. Make no mistake my sire is such a thorn.'" - Aranea Kensington
  • "It is so refreshing to experience the charm of the old world again, his words eloquent, this gifts thoughtful and unique, and his company phenomenal.'" - Rowan Byrd
  • "With a measured sense of propriety, I personally witnessed a genuinely unexpected and generous act from this scion of the roses. When a Tremere child was released into society at formal court, to mark the event, Christian extended a trivial boon. What a fine gift. Perhaps it will start a fashion. I know I am inspired.'" - Olivia Collins
  • "En vérité, il est un guide pour les Roses de Dallas. Nous sommes mieux pour cela." - Emile Bouchard
  • "My grandsire has a talent for invoking emotion with his art. Though our family lives far from us his immaculate works fill me with a love and joy that almost touch what I feel in their very presence. Never subtle, is he?" - Adrien Reynard
  • "Christian has a way of always having been there even if he has only just arrived. he moves in his own personal time. He acts as if the human world is one he just happened to have stopped off in, on his way to somewhere that is possibly more interesting." - Lady Von Jagar
  • "You know that feeling you get somewhere between terror and excitement? That's what meeting this guy was like. He said his family admired me, so I must have done something right." - Jonny Toxic
  • "Han har intelligens, ambisjon og stasjonen for å nå sine mål. Respekter hans visdom. Lytt til hans ord. Han forstår nyansene i samfunnet vårt." - Olaf
  • "Dare I say that Elder Marceau seems fun? He obviously thrives in a social shark tank full of the Who's Who of the Kindred world." - Noah Bauer
  • "How to describe Elder Marceau.... he gets anything he wants. Directly or indirectly. Listen when he speaks, just trust me on this." - Samuel Jones
  • "I found Christian's boldness to be maddeningly refreshing. As he escorted me for the evening I found him hardly a gentleman, but very generous with his time. I would welcome his company again." - Anadia Hughes
  • Ask him about his art sometime. His landscapes are quite good. The more you look, the more you see. The surface level starts out with grace and beauty, capturing the natural world. Then, you look deeper, both into the art and into your own tastes, personality, to the very soul. It can be a moving experience for some, terrifying for others. A true artist. Not for everyone, but something to be experienced if you appreciate art." - Elder Aysel J. Scott
  • He has a measure of wisdom where others have not. It is my hope for others that wisdom is upheld." - Christopher Drake

Christian Gerard Marceau

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Dallas
Player: Gary Janeway

Name: Gary Janeway
Member Number: US2015060056
Domain: Dallas, Texas