Chrysanthemum Locke

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  • Elder
  • Primogen



  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged from Elder


  • Acclaimed, Honorable, Courteous, Loyal, and Favored

Notable Traits

Natural Linguist: She is known to speak several different tongues and dialects.
Knowledge: She is known to be an expert on several fields of Lore.
Decorum: Proper introductions and greetings required.
Quirk: Becomes kind and gentle with children.





Chrysanthemum Locke is a woman of centuries-past Italian heritage, appearing in her early to mid 20s. She is most often seen in a floor legnth black dress, open back, and hood pulled over the majority of the left side of her face. Deep red stains her lips, and runes can be seen etched across the top of her right brow and beneath each eye. The symbol of House Locke is pinned to her chest, black etching on a silver background. Around her neck are two necklaces; one a thin silver crematory necklace with black filigree, the other a black cameo with the red silhoutte of a skeletal woman. Her fingers are dorned with two simple rings; both silver, one with a large white stone and the other a large black stone. She wears only a pair of very simple black slip-on flats. Her eyes beneath the hood are black, with a thin ring of red at their outer rim, and seem to take in everything with slow, deliberate consideration.

When not seen in her usual attire, she may be found in long woolen coats, thick wool-lined skirts, and other modest trappings.

This is a group founded in 1435 by a handful of elders and ancillae who sought out to begin an organization based off of gaining lores, recovering important academic texts, archeological findings, keeping up with kindred history, scientific exploration, and maintaining information that could easily be purchased by anyone having problems looking to get the Minerva Society’s aid in information about what could be plaguing them. The Minerva Society was Valeria Brunsvick’s creation as an ancillae, and with the assistance of several kindred, her dreams of preserving kindred history, and providing a network of information to prevent ignorance in kindred society came true. Her ultimate goal with the organization is to rebuild the Great Library of Alexandria for kindred to enjoy.


  • Chrysanthemum aided her Broodmate in killing off every male that Aaron Locke ever tried to embrace.
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  • "Intelligence is often found in the most obvious of places. I feel that Elder Locke is largely underestimated, but that is likely on purpose." I try not to disturb the games at play with other Elders." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "Chrysanthemum can say more with her silence than most could say with a thousand words. I also suspect she sees more with her hidden gaze than most could ever hope to see with clear eyes." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "The Chrysanthemum is known as one of the four gentlemen of China and is a sign of nobility. She displayed her superior knowledge of the subtlety the nobility can apply when she thoroughly trounced my efforts to overthrow the tyrant in Utah. Lesson learned, and I hope that she knows that I never make the same mistake twice." Rain
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