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Name: Chula
Breed: Homid
Species: Fox
Type: Theurge
Rank: Cliath
Location: Sept of Seven Hills

Notable Features

  • Half Chickasaw / half Japanese
  • Streaked purple hair
  • Various piercings in her face and ears
  • Fingers that look dipped in ink
  • Acts more like a Garou than a Kitsune
  • Often surrounded by spirits in the Umbra

Pack - None



  • 1989

- Born on the Chickasaw Reservation in Oklahoma. Mother died in childbirth.
- With her father unknown, Chula was raised by her aunt and uncle.

  • 2009

- Sprouted fur. Became very confused.
- Met Gordon Lattimer and started learning the ways of being a shifter.

  • 2010

- Traveled to South America with Gordon and trained in the ways of spirits alongside him at the Sept of the Hollow Heart.

  • 2014

- Returned to the southwest U.S. and parted ways with Gordon.
- Met Rasha, the first other Kitsune that she ever saw, and started learning the ways of her actual shifter type.

  • 2015

- Traveled throughout the southwest U.S., first with Rasha then later alone.
- Met Soothes The Burn who helps grow her skills as a Doshi.
- Traveled to the north central U.S. and met Spirit Rider, a freshly minted Uktena Cliath.

  • 2016

- Traveled to the east central U.S., assisted the Sept of the Clouded Sky in binding a powerful bane.
- Met Komaeda Rika Tsukigami at a Caern seed planting.
- Left with Rika to join Inari Vermillion, a Kitsune Pack that could teach her how to Kitsune better.

  • 2017

- Lead her Pack to Atlanta, GA under the urging of spirits.
- Met Cold Red Clay and Izzy, forming a new Pack named the Usual Suspects under Butterfly.
- Usual Suspects dissolved

  • 2018

- Moved to Matagorda Island



  • "Rodentia is an Order, not a Family. So, if that was the exact wording, we already have a taxonomy problem."


  • "This young one still has much to learn, having been cut off from her true heritage. But she has the drive and curiosity that we all have, and it will carry her far." - Aby Ryou
  • "Chula's upbringing may be lacking our traditional touch, and some of my kind may scoff at her for that. I find her perspective refreshing, and a sign that we must continue to change with the times" - Komaeda Rika Tsukigami
  • "Chula shakes her head and sighs a lot. Kind of like I do when I have to sneeze. Except, she doesn't sneeze. I wonder if she just needs to sneeze really, really bad, and she's trying to shake it out?" - Buttons
  • "What in the name of the Emerald Mother did I do for Chula to almost trip over me? I don't know, but I'm glad I did it." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Even a Shinjin couldn't match her perfection." - Akechi Kaito


  • Far more knowledgeable about the Garou than she is about the Kitsune.
  • Far more knowledgeable about spirits than she is about the Kitsune.
  • Sneaks away to hang out with the Garou when her Packmates aren't looking.
  • Is actually a metis, she just hides whatever deformity she has very well.
  • Knows secrets about the REAL reason the Kitsune left the beast courts
  • Sprouts tentacles instead of additional tails.
  • Isn't actually half Chickasaw / half Japanese; she's had her appearance altered using gifts for so long it has stuck that way.

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Player: Rowan Keele
VST: Joshua Graham
DC: Daniel Dobbins