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Character Description


Name: Cillian Rogers

Notable Traits:

Clan: Ventrue

Sect Camarilla

Position Primogen

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Noble

Fleeting Status: Courteous, Loyal, Victorious, Honourable, Acclaimed

Generation: 9th

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Gender: Male

Age: Apparent (31) Actual (175)

Height: 1.65M


VentrueRM.png Born to a poor Irish immigrant family in the Cabbagetown districtof Toronto in 1844. As a mortal, bought up the majority of the homes in the aforementioned district and became a sort of real estate baron, in doing so he attracted the attention of the Ventrue. This summarily lead to his embrace in 1875. Was kept in the accounting for 2 years while his investments and web of contacts had time to mature, when it became obvious that The Sabbat were poised to take Toronto in its entirety, Cillians sire whisked him away to an indisclosed city to finish his grooming for the clan. Wanting to get back to his roots and help take back Toronto, Cillian took part in two seperate unsuccessful raids on the city. Arrives in Thunder Bay in 2019.

Public Information

VentrueRM.png In certain Camarilla circles, Cillian Rogers is known for his humility and unflappable demeanor, a few kindred know the truth, that Cillian puts on a simple facade to lull rivals into a false sense of ease. Cillian takes great pleasure in his opponents underestimating him.


Embraced by Ludwig Von Bothmer, a Ventrue who has seen fit to stay mostly outside the spotlight of the Tower, he hopes to be the first of his line to help reshape the landscape of the Camarilla. VentrueRM.png

Quotes by Cillian

Lets make a deal.



VentrueRM.png Allegedly an escaped shovelhead

Quotes About Cillian

VentrueRM.png(Feel free to add your own) - Example


Richard Masters (Keeper of Thunder Bay), Apophis (Sheriff of Thunder Bay), Elizabeth Helms


OOC Information

Player: Aaron Douglas


Story Teller: Sarah Hayes :

VSS: Northern Winds