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Known Traits

Type: Fera
Tribe: Bastet (Pumonca)
Breed: Human
Aupsice: Night (Theurge)
Pack: None
Sept: None

Known to Cimarron

Who is Cimarron?

Commonly Known Information

Name: Cimarron

Notable Traits: Athro

Pack: None

Society: None

Sept: No Sept

General Impression
Teacher, Fetish maker, long time student of all

Physical description:
Coming soon

Mood Descriptions:
Coming Soon


  • 1970 – 1887: Alisha Hill was born to a middle-class family in the city of Summerhaven, AZ. She had a normal childhood where she came to love the mountains.
  • 1988 – 1990: Alisha found herself, one night, outside of her house, don’t know how she got there, covered in dirt. Sleepwalking was something she did on occasion, so she dismissed it. It wasn’t until she woke up and found herself in the company of cougar, which she became to panic. However, something within her and the cougar calmed her and she became to befriend this cougar. Sana, her mentor, was kind yet firm. Sana taught Alisha the ins and outs of what a Bastet is and how they should act. About the land, they try to connect with the land, how to mistrust any magic. Yet Alisha learned how to be one with nature, and how to listen to what matters to her.
  • 1991- 1992: Alisha was ready for her Rite of Passage. There was a kin cougar that was about ready to give birth. Her duty was to protect the cougar while she was giving birth. When the time came, something went wrong with the birth and Alisha found herself aiding in helping to bring a new male cub into the world. From then on, she was known as Life bringer and chose the Night as her Pryio.
  • 1992 -2000: After her Rite of Passage, Alisha took the breed name Cimarron, because she loved the Cimarron Mountains and would go there all the time. However, with the insistence of Sana, she went back to the human world and learn what she can. Thus, with a scholarship to the University of Arizona, Alisha double majored in Sociology and Anthropology. While she was getting her degrees, she went all over the US, learning about different cultures. At the same time, she visited different septs to meet those who could teach her. Even though Sana warned her about the wickedness of magic, learning the magic of Mother Gaia was not as bad as learning magic magic. Her courtesy got the best of her. Within these years, Cimarron learned how to heal, since the world around her, and learned about the spirits. In 1993, Cimarron challenge for Fostern and found she was a crafty type of cat, by crafty a small talon that allowed one of the children of Mother Gaia to heal themselves. She was then known as Small crafter for the small talon she made. She then challenged for Adren two years later and passed in 2000, Cimarron graduated with a Masters in Sociology and a Bachelor in Anthropology.
  • 2001 – 2016: Cimarron found work with the U of A, in their research department and furthering her learning. Outside of school, Cimarron visited and studied with various Fera and Garou that would accept her presence. She also honed her skills on jewelry making and started to make more Talons that went into Fetishes. She would trade Fetishes for knowledge. It was at the end of 2016 when she challenged for Athro. This challenge was a little different, as she was to go into the umbra and seek out something that was lost, something honorable for an Athro Theurge. It took her a long time, how long she doesn’t know, but in the end and almost dying, she found a spirit that was thought to be lost and brought it back.
  • 2016 – Present: After her Athro challenge, she proceeded to start the process of healing. It took her well over two years to fully heal, but in the end, she had to look within herself and see what path she was going to lead, feeling unsure of herself. In 2015, she a leave of absence from the U of A and went on a walkabout, aka a vision quest, to see what else she could find. In her Feline form, Cimarron visited the areas of the US that were known to have cougars and to watch man, Garou, Fera, Spirits, and creatures of all types. For three years, she walked the southwest, learning what she would from others, watching and healing those creatures she could, while leaving the humans alone. In the end, she learned the other world of her nature and came to understand what she was to be done. To this day, she is still in feline form and walking until something is seen to interest her.

Looking For:

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Player: Jennifer Marks

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Storyteller: DST Desert Rose

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Location: Tucson AZ