Claire Bradford

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Known Information

Clan: Toreador. Just a Toreador.

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Apparent age: Generally thought to have been embraced just at the cusp of her 20s.
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: She has advanced beyond the confines of her generation and is considered Ancilla.
Sire: TBD

Character Description

The blonde woman carries herself with poise, vibrancy, and an easy smile when meeting new faces. She is classically lovely, still carrying the blush of health from her life and spark of vitality in bright blue eyes. An active life, peak of health, and the bloom of youth has left her forever enshrined in a toned feminine form, which she takes excellent advantage of when making her choices of dress and style. No matter what she's wearing, whether it be an evening dress or a blouse and jeans, there is some sort of floral touch or shade of pink and red. More often than not when out and about the ensemble is finished with a fashionable hat.

Notable Traits

Personal Masquerade
Whisper of Life


Favored from Elder Liam Kincaid, Clan Tremere
Favored from Elder Siegrid of the True North, Clan Brujah
Honorable from Elder Prince Olaf of Austin, Clan Gangrel

About Her

Claire was going to save the world, or at least those who knew in life her thought so.

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The Baton Rouge native was fresh out of school. Valedictorian at the city's best magnet school. Homecoming Queen. Head cheerleader. Acceptance to a great college and all the potential to make history that came with it. The world was full of possibilities. She was going to be amazing at whatever she chose to do. Senator. Doctor. Astronaut. President. She had the looks, smarts, and skills to make her way anywhere, to become the living embodiment of the American Dream. But life can take strange twists and turn; instead she became a Toreador.

The Embrace has a way of changing life plans, or in her case throwing them out the window. She gained her bearings while becoming a cosmetologist, an often underappreciated but still classic art-form. People like to look and feel their best, Kindred are no exception. Claire has a broad clientele and has done a bit of everything in that arena, everything from dramatic makeup for theatrical events, to Kindred formal conclaves, Elysium events, to proms, weddings, mortuary presentations, to services for those often overlooked, like the ill, elderly, burn victims, or even those who can't see their own reflection.

Continuing to meet and interact with those from all walks of life helped her to hone her natural skills as a Storyteller, a talent she had that won her friends growing up. After learning enough about Kindred society, she decided if she couldn't be anything else, she'd be a very good Toreador while she pursued her next dream. This pursuit and natural curiosity about her new nature sparked an interest in seeking out the lore of Kindred- their stories and history. Kindred are supernatural creatures of amazing and terrifying power, the Clans and sects bear many mysteries- who could possibly be content to not know more? A budding loremaster and eager student was born with all the passion inherent in her Clan.

She's good at listening, motivated, highly empathetic, and has a bright personality but grows snarky and sarcastic when exposed to distracting levels of stupid. She's got a knack for explaining things to Elders in terms they can understand when it comes to modern trends or pop culture- a job she quietly (and privately) refers to as Elder Whisperer. Her eyes were opened to the bigger world around her, but recognizes that on a fundamental level there is little difference between the jyhad and high school except for the stakes and the scale. Still, she's intent on leaving a positive mark when and where she can while making her way among the monsters.



  • "The young Ms. Bradford has all of the poise and grace of a true Kindred royalty. Her smile could stop a rampaging Gangrel in their tracks." - Simon Kensington
  • "She is very well taken care of in Baton Rouge. Those in power seem to like her." - Sofia Giovanni
  • "One of the most promising young Kindred I've had the pleasure of meeting in these recent years. I am looking forward to watching her grow." - Seamus Montague
  • "I always cherish surprises like Claire - the youthful joy of stumbling upon a diamond in the rough, a treasure hidden from all eyes - as they are so rare these nights. She's an extraordinary student, able to see the core of a story and sift through it carefully until she discovers truth. Miss Bradford has quite the future ahead of her." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Claire is one of the rare roses with an artists' eye for the details that matter." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Underestimated, overlooked, and dismissed with alarming regularity. Which is a shame - because Claire is one of those people who, one day, out of nowhere is going to be important. Powerful, and meaningful, and everyone will be surprised because they were too busy ignoring her. Which is their loss. I plan to have front row seats." - Simon Flint
  • "She's never asked us to compromise our values, and we haven't had to do the same to her to live in peace." ---Don Federigo da Canali Giovanni, Doyen of Baton Rouge
  • "For sure she's like a total babe. Even though I'm sure it's like all a facade and likes she's going to be all like haha fooled you I'm like totes shit talking you, like I think I like this one." - Karma
  • "Her beauty is a cloak, her greatest weapon is the dagger of a mind she uses to slice through any mystery she comes across." - Z. Staley
  • "There was the Quarter, and then there was Claire. The first, a living story ... the other, a story of life, and well worth reading." - Javier Amador
  • "I enjoy her company. She is quite the Lady." -Vittoria Giovanni

Character Inspirations

  • Elle Woods - Legally Blonde
  • Amber Atkins - Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Claire Bennett - Heroes
  • Cady Heron - Mean Girls
  • Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens
  • Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars


  • Coming Clean - Hillary Duff
  • Make You Believe - Lucy Hale
  • Pray - Tina Cousins
  • Ordinary World - Duran Duran

Contact info

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