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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Clara Leigh Brannon

Notable Traits: Wide-eyed wonder, curly red hair.


As she tells it, Clara was raised in a family with a Fianna Ahroun father and four older garou brothers. Her mother died when Clara was only a child, leaving her alone in the very Gaia-centered, machismo-dominant household. Borrowing a description from a friend, she reports her childhood as a blend of "a militaristic splinter cell from Waco Texas and a religious cult." Now, she roams the world selling and sharing the art she creates, and explores things she's never seen before--often to the anxiety of her caring friends.

As Observed By Others

  • "Kind hearts are rare in our world." - Thomas Koning
  • "Clara is as sweet as she is quiet. Her discovery of the world around her delights me. She is one that I'm glad to have met in San Juan." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "I met Clara recently in San Juan. She is different than most others I have met, but very sweet. I like her." - Please Stop Talking
  • "She is a in need of a good hug and I have taken her as my daughter until she finds a husband to look after her." - Annika
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  • Clara once put an end to a dog-fighting ring by purchasing their building and simply evicting them with a police escort.
  • Her guilt trips don't come with return tickets.
  • Randomly breaks into song? Innocent heart of gold? Animal friends? Clara is a Disney princess.
  • She shies away from anyone trying to marry her off.

Clara's Thoughts

  • On Girl Scouts: "Oh, those cookies! Yes, they are sold by an army of little girls, very serious. They need the money to fund their projects. They all wear uniforms, and wear badges to commemorate their conquests."
  • On Boy Scouts: "There is a little boy army, too? Do they fight the girls?"
  • "What's Christmas?"
  • On Spider-Bros: "They are earning their degrees in women's history! They believe this eighth year will be the one they graduate."
  • On Spider-Bros, 2: "I did ask if 'women's studies' meant attempting to mate, and they admitted it does, sometimes. But what I find troubling is that the Spider Brothers never propositioned me at all, but five others at this meeting did!" (Interjection from Fell through the cracks) "Oh, six? I missed one?"
  • "What's air quotes?"

OOC Information

  • Player: Kimberly Anne
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  • Storyteller: Eddie
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  • Location: Georgia