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IC Info

Clara Bolton


Notable Traits


  • "A steadfast and loyal member of House Everard, I rest easy knowing that my trust in Ms. Bolton is always well-placed." - Desmond Aldred
  • "I have no doubt that Ms. Bolton has the potential to rise to a high position within our Sect. Whether she does may depend upon her ability to choose advantageous allies. I look forward to seeing if she is up to the task." - Felix Winchester
  • "Smug b over there? Yeah, like that's totes Clara. Catty enough to like give the Toreador a run for their like money." - Karma
  • "I swear! That girl's a charm like salt right there in your pocket. Velvet glove to my iron hand, I tell you what." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "I saw her in the distance, the last Talon standing, and had to reflect that it is better to serve Ms. Olivia Collins in Austin than to reign in any other city in the United States. I mean neither insult nor exaggeration to say so. It is merely the truth, as surely as her hair is flaxen and her smile red as revenge." - Gabriel
  • "I respect a woman who can do business and make it look easy. If clan Ventrue has a glass ceiling, she's going to have glass floors." - Alice
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name


  • "Leave a rumor!"
  • "She clearly ousted Felix to eventually take over as Harpy one day. I wonder what she'll do when another kindred joins her again at the Harpy's table?"

Allies: Always looking for friends and connections

Antagonists: Also looking for enjoyable conflict

Of the Blood: Of House Everard

OOC Info
Clara Bolton

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Talon
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Jeannie Starcher US2006088411
VST: Austin VST

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