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Information Known by the Camarilla


Name: Clarence

Clan: Nosferatu

Sire: <Pending>

Lineage: <Pending>

Sect: Camarilla

Domain: Chicago, IL

Appearance: Clarence appears to be an obese man around 40 years of age. When revealed, his skin is bloated and faintly blue, like that of a corpse found floating in a river for a couple of days. He wears slacks and suspenders of by-gone days. The top button of his dress shirt is undone, not fashionably, but because it couldn't close around his ballooning neck and double chin.

Public Timeline

  • DOB: November 1887
  • Embraced: January 1925
  • Left Accounting: March 1932


  • "Clarence" is actually a cover identity several Nosferatu wear, but they've gotten away with it for the better part of a century since they show up at formal events so rarely.
  • Clarence was the architect behind several of Chicago's most well-known buildings, regardless of who officially got the credit.
  • Clarence has built secret passageways into buildings all across Chicago over several decades, allowing the Nosferatu free range of the city.

OOC Information

  • Player: Vito D.
  • Player Email:
  • Storyteller: Felix (Shuo) Zhang
  • Storyteller Email:
  • Location: Chicago, IL