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"Concordia res crescunt"

Domus Orthia

Childe of Valeria Decima Avitus
Childe of Lysander
Childe of Artemis Orthia
Childe of Ventrue




  • 520 CE - Caudia was born in Constantinople. Her family had migrated from Rome shortly before the fall. Her father was a senator who had married a minor noble woman to try to increase his holdings
  • 550CE - Claudia, recently widowed and with no children. Foul play was suspected, but was not seen in her direction.
  • 550CE - 1204CE - (Open to ties) Maintains home base in Constantinople, but travels in attempts to increase wealth through trade establishing alliances with different princedoms. Leaves Constantinople upon the death Michael the Patriarch. Leaves to Venice.
  • 1462 CE - With the increasing threat and loss of many of the lineage, because of the Inquisition and Anarch Revolt, falls into torpor upon learning of the fall of Constantinople.
  • 1710 CE - (Open to ties) Awakens from torpor and moves to base of operations to England and takes the surname Constantina. She starts to take advantage of the growth from England’s empire and travels often to the colonies to survey potential growth for the lineage. After learning of the changes of her sleep, she joins the Camarilla.
  • 1767 CE - Ghouls John Berkly Addington(Curtess McCarley), a man of noble birth ties, in England. She saw advantage with his enthusiasm to prove how those of noble birth are also superior in physical combat, after watching some of his pugilistic bouts.
  • 1778 CE - After satisfactory performance in handling business needed to be conducted during the day and understanding of kindred Society, Claudia embraces John Berkly Addington. Her challenge to him was to find a satisfactory retainer to replace him for daytime concerns
  • 1865 CE - (Open to ties) Officially moves to the United States after seeing how fruitful and the budding lands would be to those of the Camarilla. She begins to establish influence among the kine to enable Clan Ventrue and the Camarilla to have holdings and strings in the local bureaucrats
  • 1889 CE - (Open to ties) Participates in the land run and moves to Oklahoma, for the opportunity to establish new ground for growth.
  • 1900s - Supports praxis of Ventrue Prince Adam MedCalf after securing promises of becoming Primogen. Starts to pour resources and influences in order to help expand the city
  • 1910s - After the unexpected failure of the creation of the dome, at the state capitol, she aids in supplying resources and influence for the Colcord and adds her voice in establishing it as the First Elysium.
  • 1920s - 1940s - Supports Clan Malkavian’s entry into the city. With the discovery of Oil, begins a heavy push to obtain holdings in the Oil industry
  • 1940s - 1970s - Upon the non violent transition of Praxis to the Prince Cornflower, Claudia steps down as Primogen in favor to the former Prince MedCalf. Begins to aid in pushing for MedCalf to become Seneshal, arguing that the former Prince would be of advantage from his experience, and if the City wanted to ensure that Clan Ventrue would not be so conservative with their influence and wealth. She resumes mantle of Primogen.

When the other Camarilla Clans petition to join the city, she supports them so the city would no longer be a petty princedom.

  • 1970s - 1990s - With the prince handing management of feeding to the primogen, it seemed to be the final straw to begin openly questioning the state of matters, especially with the decline in population of the city and ensuring that she was not the first to speak.

With the Newly made Nosferatu prince allowing Caitiff into the city, she abstained her vote and remained silent with her Clan. With the need to bring back kine populations to sustain the kindred, it is brought to the table to try to revive Oklahoma City. It is suggested to use influences to encourage the kine.

  • 1990s - 2010 - With the Tremere returning to the city and Coastonata taking prince, Claudia starts to invest in the Devon building project, in hopes to have holdings with such a massive icon to be brought to the city, begrudgingly taking assistance with the Brujah, for appearances sake.
  • 2010 - 2017 - Continues to try to mediate disputes within the city with unrest from the other clans toward Prince Coastonata.
  • 2017 - Present - Supported removal of Prince Coastonata and ascension of Valeria Decima Avitus.
    • 2018 Ascended to Prince of Oklahoma City
    • Changed Surname to Constantina


Claudia Constantina De Orthia Peacock-eye banner.jpg

Known Information

  • Claudia is an Elder.
  • Claudia is a child of Rome.
  • Claudia is Ventrue and very loyal to her clan.
  • Follows lineage tradition of mediator.


  • One cannot lead if there is no one to follow.
  • Occasionally I lament the fact that I did not embrace some in my lineage myself
  • Though my house is not brimming with members, Orthia certainly knows quality

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Ventrue Only


OOC Information

Claudia Constantina De Orthia

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Oklahoma City, OK
Player: Kris Brummett
VST: Joshua Jaques