Claws of Fenris Might

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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Diana Walker

Deed Name: Claws of Fenris Might

Pack Name: #SquadGoals

Sept: Category:Apocalypse / Sept / Kerrville, TX

Honorable Intorduction:Known to the Nation as Claws of Fenris Might, Modi of the Wolf Father, Ulfr, Eldre, Blessed by Tempest and Wyrmfoe at the Wayward Caern.



Claws currently has two wolf pups who are kinfolk out of the 15 wolf pups she's given life to. Grey, a Get of Fenris Kinfolk and Red, a Red Talon kinfolk. She also has a wolf mate who is an ordinary wolf.

On 7/26/2019, Claws formally married Aiya Kodachi. The ceremony was officiated by Baihu and was attended by Packmates, Tribal Elders, and Close Friends and Members of the Wayward Caern. Legend Valka Thrice Blessed was also in attendance. The wedding also featured catering by Priscilla Lamnidae and two moots the Hunting Moot and The Shifting Tales. Afterwards there was Dancing and all-around great times were had by all.



  • "My girl kicks ass! She is the best team Mom evar!" - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Hey Guys? I think I spooked the Thunderwyrm!" - Claws
  • "I look forward to seeing how she leads the cubs into a new world. Provided, y'know, we don't all die horribly. Her wedding was beautiful, and affirms my belief that even the tribes who cling to tradition, such as ours, can progress into a new era. Claws and her love, backed by her dedication and... well claws, inspire hope for us all." ~ Freja "Silvertongue" Northman
  • "I am continuously confused by some of the things she does." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened


OOC Information

Player: Sabrina Hyland

Player Email: Sabrina Hyland

Storyteller: Catherine "Kitty" Correa

Storyteller Email: VST Email & Wayward Caern Staff

Location: Wayward Caern