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Character Information

Name: Arnold Luciano

Deed name: Clickbait

Tribe: Glasswalker

Rank: Athro

Age: 36

Pack: Sea Glass, Collective War Pack

Sept & Location: Sept of the Gathering Tides within San Juan, PR

Lineage: Luciano Conglomerate

Player Email:

Storyteller Email:

Notable Traits

  • The corporate wolf that is trying to “save the world” by embracing the Weaver as the final solution.
  • He creates & sells medications to “improve” productivity of the humans on and off the streets.


Homid Form: Clickbait is often seen in a custom tailored suit with a power tie and a clean shaven chin. His bright blue eyes carry a hidden weight behind those vibrant orbs that reveal the calculating mind within. His suits tend to favor dark machine hued tones and he comes in at just an inch underneath 6ft. He often has a recorder in hand or aimed at whomever he is interviewing. It is expected that somewhere on his person is a weapon of protection however his weapon of choice is not openly displayed. His fingernails look slightly metallic when not wearing gloves.

Crinos Form: This broad shouldered and massive war form is covered in sleek 'silver' hued fur. His claws look metallic like in color yet rend flesh as easily as any other.

Lupus Form: Clickbait has a pale silver wolf form rarely seen. His sleek fur has a silver hue and a regal ruff encircles his neck. His average sized form moves with a methodical grace when he prowls with determination.

Historical Highlights

  • (1999) Clickbait was present for the Fall of the Shadow Curtain on the side of the Shadowlords. He was a young cliath that fought beside his pack Y2K in the Battle with the Zmei, Trevero, and lived to tell the tale.
  • (2002-2004) Clickbait became Eldest Galliard of the Sept of the Last Stand in Nigeria with his now dead pack Y2K. Clickbait was approached in 2004 by the Ahadi to be the Galliard to take their tale of the Blacktooth Battle to the Garou Nation. Think international reporter got the "scoop" or tale first.
  • (2009) Clickbait was there to help with the founding of the Sept of Glass and Steel in Beijing alongside his sister, Arianna Luciano. This intimacy with the Beast Courts has carried on to some of the Beast Court exiles now within North America.
  • (2009-2010) Clickbait was there to participate in the Rite of the Still Skies at the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon in Russia in 2010. He was a warrior and witness of the Rite where his pack, Y2K, all died defending the Sept. He went Ronin afterwards due to their loss.
  • (2012) Clickbait was present as a Galliard to record and tell the tale of the formation of the Concordat of Stars.

DPOTM Reference Number: 2017-02-WtA-0140-102

Inspirations & Soundtracks

  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin from Daredevil

Ill Intent

Bomb Within

  • Tony Stark from Ironman 1/2/3

Tony Stark Quotes

You Need to Look Strong

  • Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) from American Gangster

Somebody or Nobody?