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The Strength of Renewed Hope

Totentanz, Dancing Bear Extravaganza

Gaia Lives

Endron Influential Assault

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  • He has become a drone in service to the Weaver.
  • He spreads his pharmaceutical products to encourage humans becoming more passive.
  • His now dead pack Y2K, sacrificed themselves to help him survive the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon.


  • "He means well but lacks the wisdom in knowing when to shut the hell up." Control Shift Boom
  • "We've never been close, but I respect him and I've watched him in the short time I've been a part of this world. He throws his all into everything he does and I admire that selflessness. But he's also a cautionary tale, there is a price you pay for caring so very much and every setback and loss cuts him to his core. If I had advice for him I'd share something someone told me, sometimes it's not your time to give a fuck and that's not a bad thing." Oliver Bishop
  • "I do not understand a great deal of what he says and does--but he has given me a great gift in teaching me more of my own history and the legacy I need to live up to." - Strongtalk
  • "I've seen Clickbait at his best and at his worst. I can honestly say, through it all, that he is a Garou worth knowing. - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "Clickbait was the first non Seattle Garou I'd ever met from my tribe. He was in pain when our paths crossed and suffering from the loss of his pack. The Garou feel so intensely. It hurt to watch him be alone. I know what I did was a bit underhanded but I can't honestly say I'm sorry. I hope that being back in the saddle as it were with his people and family has helped heal his soul. - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "He's kinda a dick. I'm just saying." Scraps
  • "Clickbait Luciano and I could scarcely be more different in philosophy and approach to our war. He embraces allies that I find questionable at best, and I embrace traditions that he considers stagnant. Given the luxury of enough time, and leaving aside the respect earned in blood, I am sure that he and I could find ways to bicker about nearly everything. But we do not. Because in the deepest parts of ourselves, we share a common trait that supersedes all else: we each love Gaia with every part of our souls. Clickbait Luciano and I share the same Mother. How could I call him anything but my brother?" Ambrose Silverheart
  • "We had some deep conversations at the War Council. From a little bit of Sea's Law to his, earnest push of weaver-technology with another. We all fight the battle different and at unusual angles. If anything, he would be an ally well of use and eager to get things done. I am not sure the other Kunspawn would be happy but I guess that is something I just don't have to talk about." Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Humans think that they are smarter than other creatures because they have the gift of words, but this is a trap. The Weaver made them to ensare and confuse. The more wretched parts of humanity realize that, and use them to strangle each other with lies and misdirection. Any who would be named after this effect is no Galliard." Duskcaller
  • "I love working with Glass walkers, they have so many tricks up their sleeves." Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

Character Quotes

The Wyld has failed consistently for centuries to fix the problem of the Wyrm. It's time for a new battle strategy.

History & Timeline

Former Pack, Y2K

Arnold comes from a pack that went from a rising star to dissolved by the death and harano that came out of the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon. The pack was killed nearly to the last garou. They had been running together before the apocalypse murdered nearly all of them since early 1999. They called themselves the Y2K pack under Clickbait's old deed name, Denial of Service. The pack was a city pack under Cockroach himself when they went to the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon and only Clickbait returned alive.

Slots still open for ties to family of deceased former packmates. Please email me for inquiries, questions, concerns, and more if you want to know the tale or want a deceased family member to be involved! ;)

Former Pack Members

  • Rogor “Blade-Fangs”, Get of Fenris Lupus Theurge
    • Brother to Asger, Get of Fenris Ahroun
  • Jianhong “Salt and Iron”, Ahroun Silver Fang of House Blood Red Crest
  • “Nightsong”, Shadowlord Galliard Homid
    • Colonel Beauregard Samson, Shadowlord Galliard (PC)
  • An undetermined amount of additional garou of various tribes and auspices. (Open for ties!)

Historical Highlights

  • (2002-2004) Clickbait became Eldest Galliard of the Sept of the Last Stand in Nigeria with his now dead pack Y2K. Clickbait was approached in 2004 by the Ahadi to be the Galliard to take their tale of the Blacktooth Battle to the Garou Nation. Think international reporter got the "scoop" or tale first.
  • (2009) Clickbait was there to help with the founding of the Sept of Glass and Steel in Beijing alongside his sister, Arianna Luciano. This intimacy with the Beast Courts has carried on to some of the Beast Court exiles now within North America.
  • (2009-2010) Clickbait was there to participate in the Rite of the Still Skies at the Battle of the Sept of the Crescent Moon in Russia in 2010. He was a warrior and witness of the Rite where his pack, Y2K, all died defending the Sept. He went Ronin afterwards due to the their loss and scandal.
  • (2012) Clickbait was present as a Galliard to record and tell the tale of the formation of the Concordat of Stars.

DPOTM Reference Number: 2017-02-WtA-0140-102

Time Line

  • 1980 - Born to Penelope Luciano the daughter to the Heroic garou, Gianluigi “Lucky” Luciano. The father is unknown. Arnold grew Up raised by a dotting mother and absent father. He didn’t have a want or care as a child.
  • 1998 - Graduated High School. Attended GSU with a Major in Managerial Sciences. Arnold first met Denali Deep-Song, a Homid Gurahl Arcas[Ragabash] in his early college days in 1998, while she was couch surfing at the college lounge in Atlanta.
  • 1999 - Began performing on the local college radio, Album 99. Which later led to weekend DJing at nearby night clubs like Lava Lounge and Tongue & Groove. During the Y2K craze is when Arnold shifted as a garou for the first time at a night club while DJing. Arnold later completes his Rite of Passage and becomes known as Denial-of-Service, a Cliath of the Glasswalkers. He and his friends formed the pack Y2K following Cockroach. Arnold is a witness to the The Fall of the Shadow Curtain in Russia and the Battle with Zmei Trevero.
  • 2001 – Clickbait is visited in Atlanta by Dardanus, a Ananasi that feels a specific wyrm tunnel has served it’s purpose. Clickbait suggests and levels an entire city block to collapse the drug den of narcotics on the fomori infesting the apartment building. To protect the veil it was declared a “gas leak”.
  • (2002-2004) Clickbait became Eldest Galliard of the Sept of the Last Stand in Nigeria with his now dead pack Y2K. Clickbait was approached in 2004 by the Ahadi to be the Galliard to take their tale of the Blacktooth Battle to the Garou Nation. Think international reporter got the "scoop"/tale first.
  • 2005 - Graduated from GSU with a Major in Managerial Sciences. Assisted Victor Garren with legal transferring and defending his financial assets from Nadezhda "Dezha" Orlova.
  • 2008 - He briefly fought beside Cameja, “Need to Know”, a Shadowlord Lupus Ragabash Elder. During the Apocalypse War there were unspoken missions that needed to get done and Clickbait did his duty. He achieves the rank of Adren and becomes known as Clickbait to the Nation and those close to him.
  • 2009 - The Rite of the Still Skies begins so everyone takes to the battlefield. Clickbait is discovered having broken the litany with a female packmate and she was later determined to be pregnant post mortem. The metis child didn’t survive. My commander, Ambrose 'Silverheart' Laskaris, a Lupus Philodox Silver Fang that fought beside us on the battlefield at the Rite of Still Skies was called in to Judge the crime. The punishment and the loss of my former pack, Y2K, that died beneath his leadership has made relations tense. Clickbait was scandalized from Adren to Cliath for his scandalous behavior with his now deceased packmate. Clickbait helps cover the funding to help smuggle Rika and her pack out of Japan and into the US.
  • 2010 - Clickbait struggles with Harano after the death of his first pack, Y2K. Clickbait battles the Dark Brigade Defending the remaining Septs/Caerns. He goes on a journey despite the advice of his family for approximately half a year. Clickbait is talked into becoming the President of the Democratic pack, Checks & Balances.
  • 2012 - Joins the Concordat of Stars as it was first formed alongside Emergence, urging many in his tribe to stand with him. Clickbait offers for Tech Support, Glasswalker Theurge, to be adopted into the Luciano Conglomerate as a “cousin”. Geralt ibn Herza a Silent Strider, is the founder of the Church of our Silent Mother. He taught me a wise way in which to guide humans into strengthening the chance of Gaia awakening.
  • 2013- Mudkipper turns from a kinfolk into a young garou amidst tragedy that later joins the Glasswalker Tribe. Clickbait started occasional large "anonymous" donations to a seemingly random college sorority. He left Clickbait as the name for the donations giver. Leah Morningkill eventually figured out who the donations are from but they've not yet spoken face to face due to living on opposite sides of the US. Though why he sent her the random donations is still a mystery. Emergence and Clickbait began the local chapterhouse of the Church of our Silent Mother in Atlanta.
  • 2014 - Assists in the establishment of a new Shard Caern and the Sept of the Fallen Heroes in Macon, GA.
  • 2015 - A young lupus Glasswalker showed up on my doorstep named StrongTalk, a determined Theurge. When I realized who he was I recognized he had a lot to live up to due to his lineage. We bonded over technology merging the spiritual and physical in beautiful symmetry while I taught him more of the tribe and Nation’s history.
  • 2016 - I met Willow "Tales in Motion" Fannon, a Fianna Galliard in 2016 when she visited Atlanta. Apparently she was a fan of my podcast and we hit it off with our mutual passion for stories no matter the format in which we expressed them.
  • 2017 - Joins the Sept of Hope's Resurgence within Atlanta, GA. Becomes Talesinger of the new Sept.