Clovis Redfield

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Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Titles: NA
Positions: NA
Domain: Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR Masquerade - VSS
Player: Bill Peterson
ST: Damon Edwards
Wiki Designer: Lori C. US2013030066


Startquote.png Clovis has been conditioned by Gideon Haven to be his faithful servant. Endquote.png

Startquote.pngClovis once turned into a bear in the middle of a gathering, just so he could get his ears scratched.Endquote.png


Startquote.png What's that word there mean, Reverend? Endquote.png ~ Clovis Redfield

Startquote.png clovis is such a good boy. He loves the lord and is one of my fiercest protectors. Endquote.png ~ Reverend Gideon Haven