Coby Hayes

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Innate Status
  • Committed in the Anarch Movement
Abiding Status
  • Established and Guardian as Ambassador of the Freestate of the Lone Star
Fleeting Status
  • Honorable

Coby stands about 5'10". He can be seen generally in pastel or bright colors. He's been in Pflugerville since about 2014 and is relatively young. Even by Kindred standards.

Notable Traits

  • Personal Masquerade
  • Humanity 6
  • Often has his heart beating and breathing.
  • Fame 4 Youtuber

From the Fans and Haters


  • "A delightful kindred who is exceedingly pleasant. At first I had no idea he was an anarch. Really shows that expectations I don't know insert something thoughtful here. Eventually we hope he will grow up and join the Camarilla." - Lord Simon Kensington
  • "Fucker is always like giving me like the snotiest like judgiest look. Like, ok, we wanna like go there?" - Karma
  • "Goody little two-shoes, always trying to do the right thing. It's fucking annoying." - Turmoil
  • "Dude. When I want to include you in on the hijinks, I will let you know." - Payback
  • "You know that feeling when you're doing some shit with your friends, but you have that one friend in the back saying 'I don't know if this is a good idea, guys, we might get in trouble'? He's that kid. Like, you love him, but every now and then, its like 'yeah, this is major, we know, its still chill, though'. But, nah, Coby's cool. Even if he likes Justin Timberlake or whatever." - Britney Daye
  • "I'm really quite miffed to have such talent in the Movement rather than our own sect. It will stand for now, but when he grows up I will expect better judgement from him." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "It's nice to see another Kindred who is clinging onto their Humanity and enjoying the Unlife they were given. Hell, it's inspiring to me because all this is still so new, and seeing someone able to straddle that line really gives me hope." - Marisol Vega
  • "His creative execution of his duties certainly made an impression." - Charles Blaine
  • "Coby is really nice, but he's an Anarch, which makes me nervous." - Constance Benette
  • "Coby is great at his job, and I'm going to make sure he stays safe." - Alice Roux
  • "Such a strange, overly humane fellow. And he can take a hit from Brick. Fascinating." - Dante N.C. Giovanni


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  • His sire is the The Prominent from XCI

Coby Hayes

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Anarch
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Justin W.
VST: Austin C/A/I VST