Cold Red Clay

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Cold Red Clay

Notable Traits: Gurahl (Approval: USA-SE-WA-1702-037075)

Rank: Arcas (1)

Breed: Ursine

Other Names: Clay Gapp

Pack: The Usual Suspects

Sept: Atlanta

Right of Acceptance?: Yes


Clay appears in Homid as a stout woman in her mid-thirties, with no effort at her appearance; dirty sneakers, jeans, brown hair shaggy and clothing from a park gift shop or Goodwill. She is muscular but rolling to fat. She wears a bronze fetish of a bear claw around her neck. She wears glasses, but fusses with them frequently, so they are likely a late addition. In Ursine, she is the dark brown of North Georgia brown bears, and much more at ease.


"The bear went over the mountain
the bear went over the mountain
the bear went over the mountain
to see what it could see."

Seven years ago, Clay was one of a set of twins born to Gurahl kin on Blood Mountain, at the foot of the Appalachian Trail. In 2016 her First Change came with a wave of 'wrongness' from the South that reached all the way to the mountains, through the stones of the earth. It brought with it unwelcome perspective and wisdom. Without a teacher, she may have caused real trouble, but was guided by spirits of Uktena and the Creek and Cherokee tribes of her mountain. They told her what she was and her new duty and the basics of being a shifter. Then the wise old ancestors told the bear-child to go towards Atlanta for real teaching.
She became Homid-shaped, acquired clothing, and began the walk out of her mountains towards the unwelcome city. A collection of Fera found her on the way, grumbling about the buzz of electricity and smell of tar roads. A teaching pack, The Usual Suspects gathered Clay into their fold and the collection of them came to Atlanta - a city on the verge of growth.


  • Gurahl are in touch with nature, sure, but this one can be downright feral.
  • She can't work electrical devices, so don't even bother.
  • She always has food in her pockets. Eats constantly.
  • Always smells like she is in heat due to a hormonal imbalance.
  • Started the nicknames Dr. Bearlove, Mr. Sanders, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and True Heart for her Buri-Jaan, as part of testing the limits of her current auspice.
  • Doesn't actually like honey or salmon at all and gets annoyed when it keeps getting brought up.


Jake Hargrove - My Buri-Jaan. He is young and smells of chemicals, but he is my people and I respect his wisdom.

The Usual Suspects

My pack. I will not see harm come to them.
Izzy - The smell of salt and teeth. She is dangerous, but I feel safer with her watching me. I know she gets scared too, though. Some forget that.
Kireji - A teacher and less silly than my other Kitsune. She is gentle, but I have watched her be ruthless. I will respect her teachings.
Abe Ryou - He is as solid as the stones and, like me, does not use extra words for foolishness.
Buttons - So much energy. And foolishness. He does remind me that I am still a cub in my heart as well. He is my friend.
Chula -


Wider Circles - Rising Appalachia
The Jungle Book / Sarabande (Mayan Style) - The Piano Guys
Find Your Way - Rising Appalachia
Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
Rage Breeds Rage - Rising Appalachia
Looking For Space - John Denver

OOC Information

Player: Abby Peterson

Player Email:

Storyteller: Mike Boaz

Storyteller Email:

Location: Atlanta, GA