Collette Durand

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Collette Durand
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Name:Collette Durand
Bloodline:Founder of Lumina Noctem (USA-NE-CX-2003-051915)
Covenant:Formerly Lancea et Sanctum, now Unbound
Childer:Lucian St Germain
Broodmate:Branimir Kucic
Positions:Premier of the Pioneer Commonwealth
Councilor of the Pioneer Commonwealth
Respected citizen of the Pioneer Commonwealth



Further Information


Premier of the Pioneer Commonwealth, Ventrue Baroness Collette Durand of Gaul.

This information is not publicly available.

  • 531 AD: Born in Gaul
  • 560 AD: Embraced to fight the Romans who were attacking the Celtic Gaulish, as a Maiden of the Crone
  • 1204 AD: Left the Circle of the Crone for the Lancea after the Sack of Constantinople
  • Late 1200s: Embraced Lucian St Germain, her demon childe.
  • 1500s: Embraced Hélène_Badeaux, an angel she cannot fathom.
  • 1607: Sails overseas to colonize America with her childer
  • 1613: Parts ways and settles in Massachusetts, leaving Maine, alone, following a fight with her childe.
  • 1849: Invites brother Branimir Kucic to America and Western Massachusetts to slake the loneliness.
  • 1895: Teaches Kennedy Thorn about the Lancea on a trip to England, inviting her to America
  • 2017 AD: Becomes Premier of the Commonwealth
  • 2020 AD: Following her re-election, Premier Durand renounced her Covenant and is unbound, stating: "The Lancea et Sanctum has diminished to the point of irrelevance."


  • "My Sire, temptress and damnation all in one terrifyingly beautiful presence. I am so cursed yet so blessed to have her haunt me for all of eternity... " - Lucian St Germain
  • "Oh Madame Collette! It is always a pleasure to see you. Without you, I would not have my most favourite tutor around." - Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow
  • "A valued ally and friend regardless of what covenant she is in. Her devotion to what matters has always kept me near whether she knew it or not..." - Jonas Graves
  • "Madame Collette knows where she came from, knows where she wants to go, and cares for the people. The method nor the means worry me not..." - Arietta Musette Chanson
  • "Though Elder Durand has an intimidating presence, one only need look at how she interacts with her childer and allies to see that there is more to her beneath the surface than one might first expect. If one dares to approach." - Lucas Wells

Notable Traits

  • Veins spiraling from her eyes
  • BP 7
  • Striking Looks 2

Known associates


Rumors (please add your own!)
  • She looked into the void and it deformed her.
  • Klimt's painting, Freya's Tears, was inspired by her

Out of Character
  • Boudina - Treveran Tribal Warrior Goddess of Celtic Gaul
  • Wan Shi Tong - Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • Laurie Bream (Silicon Valley)

Theme Song
  • Hate me - Eurielle

ooc info

Domain: Western Massachusetts
Player: Caroline Tanzi (US2017090055)
VST: Sundered Lands requiem VST