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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Colonel Beauregard "Lingus" Samson

Notable Traits: Southern Accent, Long Beard, Klaive Bearer

Pack: Fear_Itself

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Flooded Plain


Colonel Beauregard "Lingus" Samson was born on the same day the American Civil War officially ended. His mother was a Shadow Lord Philodox named Muriel Samson, also called "Sterling Catechism." She was killed in front of young Samson's eyes before his First Change by a vengeful Fianna. The killer's ultimate fate is unkonwn. His father, Kinfolk Vance Samson, was left to raise the boy. Eventually Vance remarried, again to the Shadow Lord named Verusha Fedorov, a low-ranked Ahroun.

From his mother he learned the ways of war. By the time of his First Change he had become an accomplished swordsman, strategist and tactician, and so he pursued the avenue open to the Gibbous Moon as more of a war leader rather than lore master or artist. He is capable in those as well, but his strength has always lay in guiding the forces of the Nation in battle.

Samson bore witness to both of the Rites of Still Skies. During the first, he was adjunct to the field General in charge of the defense of the Rite, and either howled or personally carried commands and intelligence back and forth where the Gifts or Spirit allies of the Garou could not penetrate. An Elder by the time of the second great Rite, he was making decisions more than delivering them.

He bears the Grand Klaive called "Song of Night," a weapon forged wholly of silver which sings a haunting threnody even as it lays low the forces of the Wyrm. He tends to only bring out this Fetish when the fight is especially dire, or when proper pomp and circumstance call for its display.


  • Might be your great, great grandpa.
  • His Deed Name is probably not about oral gratification. I hear it quite the opposite, in fact.
  • His Klaive is named after his daughter, called Nightsong by the Nation, who died while under his command.

OOC Information

Player: Kelly Pohl, US2002023229

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