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Public Information


Concept: Military Tactician

Name: Commissioner aka Leopold Bartholomew Task IV

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Anarch

Position: None

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Anarch Gang: Down South Sentinels

Notable Traits: Wears an eyepatch

Blood Relatives

Brujah Symbol.png

Sire: Richter

Lineage: House Kahmsin

Relatives of Note:

The Revolution





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  • "Efficient, capable and ruthless. An ideal combination for an Anarch." - Zero
  • "Takes credit when credit is due... but not necessarily due to him." - Vi
  • "Strong and determined in his cause, with fists to match." - Shepherd
  • "Dude can be a bit of a hard ass but fuck me if he doesn't get the job done right." - Roach
  • "Strategist who doesn't beat around the bush but has a short fuse." - Domino

OOC Information

Nick Nakano

Cam Number: US2010076397
Home Domain: San Diego, CA
Email: egotistical AT gmail DOT com
ST Email: San Diego Cam/Anarch VST

Also player of:

  • None