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Conell's castle.JPG
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Name: Conall Oblitus
Clan: Lasombra
Family: Maltese
Generation: Elder
Sect: Camarilla
Loyal honorable Loyal by Prince Gunnar


  • 590 Started the construction of Castle Leana for the court to build up.
  • 600 AD starts construction on a port area for vampires to come trade and build in. Start of the construction of the library in order to better aid grandsire. Sending books home to them.
  • 750 AD made a small trading port in Ireland that was a reusable place for both Vikings and the normal vampiric kind. Became a dark ages prince in this year and build a fair sized trading port for Vikings and normal people alike.
  • 850 forgoes owning his own Praxis in exchange for going under the local domains rule’s rule but with the condition that Conal is allowed to keep domain over his castle and port.
  • 1250 An incident with a group of Tremere visiting his castle Augustin and Saharat. A Tzimisce was chasing after them and tried to get Conal to betray hospitality in order to hand them over even if he did not trust Tremere. Conal instead fought off the Tzimisce along with a vizoid in order to protect his guests and keep hospitality. He burned a good many bridges with Tzimisce.
  • 1455 With the tower having come into being he was made an offer. Several of his larger boons were called in to get Conal to join the tower instead of the sabbat in a political maneuver.
  • 1807-1810 Large Baali attack on the castle that shook a lot of things with the pc. Refound with one of his ‘brood mates’ he found himself able to defend the castle but the siege lasted a good long time and he was left with only a castle and no longer much of a port to call his own.
  • 1815 a boon owed to a ventrue is called in order to gain the aid of a talented ghoul in order to aid in shipping the castle from Ireland to Indiana. Clara ended up coming to aid and was given a recommendation for embrace after the work was finished.
  • 1840 Conal moves to Indiana and starts the long process of playing the Game with several other elders. The first game was lost to disantary.
  • 1850 Conal takes praxis of the city of Terre Haute Indiana starting to hold Elysiums on a 6 month event.
  • 2018 moved to Ownesboro Kentucky after some time resigning his tenure as Prince to live a quieter life... only to get elected again as prince in November of 2018
  • August 2nd 2019 was moved to Harpy of Owensboro Kentucky after stepping down for a quieter life from Prince.


  • "It is easy to dismiss Conall as glib and almost flighty. But always remember this much; he is a creature of traditions and of his word. He would burn a city on a promise, and he never, ever forgets one. Ignore this at your peril." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "If you ever get a chance to visit Conall and want to make a good impression, he loves books, and the rarer or more unique it is the more esteem he will have for you." - Triska
  • "Quite the most interesting member of his clan I have ever met." Catherine Foxley
  • "This man has a great talent for storytelling. He understands the simple truth that what words come from your lips is essential to the ones you hope to evoke from another!" Rumi
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  • Has successfully killed an infernal werewolf
  • Has Murdered a baali
  • Owns a castle and has had fairies visit him.



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Conall Oblitus

Domain: Owensboro, Kentucky
Player: Charles Oliver]
VST: Dale Case
MES Number: US2002086515
Location: Owensboro, Kentucky
Template props to Jonathan Felber