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Commonly Known Information

Name: Connor O'Shae

Notable Traits: Unnaturally blue eyes, making them appear to be almost all sclera at a distance.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

House: House Antonescu


1790: May 10th Connor’s date of birth.

1798: Parents die in the Irish Rebellion. His sister, Rowena, and he are taken in as servants for an upper-class English family.

1802: Connor steals a valuable painting from the family and uses it to pay his and his sister’s way to America.

1810: Connor started dealing in native American ‘relics.’ This investment furthered their luck and Connor began to use their funds to make them even more money and prestige, rising in social circles.

1815: August, date of Embrace: Chicago by George Engle.

1825: Released from Accounting, March.

1827: Traveled and spent time in Europe and Egypt.

1870: Met Everanti Giovanni in Egypt.

1871: Reportedly robbed a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

1875: After a failed attempt at robbing a museum, Connor was forced to flee Egypt with his sister. They left the country and returned to Chicago by way of Europe.

1876: Embraced Rowena O’Shae, August. Connor started buying and managing property for the clan in the city, using historical records to find potentially important sites for chantry construction.

1916: Connor tries to use his contacts to sue for American neutrality in WWI. This was due to both Irish desire for US neutrality, and knowledge that the war could decimate feeding opportunities if recruits were taken from Chicago.

1917: Connor tries to actively court for a ban on new acknowledgements in the city due to the 300,000 recruits taken from the Chicagoland area over feeding concerns.

1929: Connor loses everything in the great depression. Most properties and money he had made over the last few decades since his return are lost in the market crash. While he maintains the property on the River.

1940: Connor Embraces a second time. His childe, Marcus Worth, is a linguistics scholar and is viewed as valuable to House and Clan.

1956: Marcus is removed from Connor's accounting.

1968: Marcus defects to the Sabbat.

1982: Connor tracks his childe to the barrens of Chicagoland. Connor confronts his childe and destroys him with the aid of his clan. That winter, Connor enters torpor.

1998: Connor awakens from Torpor. The tension and paranoia of the approaching millennium gives him purpose and he begins to establish a new Chantry on his old river properties.

1999-2010: In the Nights of Turmoil. Connor opens the Weese Chantry on the Chicago River to shelter those who needed it, saving the lives of several kindred.

2012-2014: Relatively quiet time for Connor, relaxing into a more social role, taking up the mantle of Harpy since his efforts in the nights of turmoil purchased him a bit of social capital to use on the clan's behalf.

2014: Connor O’Shae replaces his Sire, George Engle, as Prince of Chicago after a series of socially tumultuous events that left his sire branded as a heretic.

2018: Connor O'Shae is bloodhunted by Prince Siegrid of the True North and killed by Juniper Durham.


  • Connor orchestrated the fall of the previous Prince of Chicago in order to take his place.
  • Connor is a frequent visitor to Anarch domains.
  • Connor maintains a black site in Chicago where kindred are held in torpor for experimentation.


  • "Having recently received the blessing of Prince O'Shea to visit the city, I am looking forward to the experience. And a reunion with his childe will be another blessing still. " -Stefan Hoffman
  • "He has our attention." - Salomé St. John
  • "We did not have the opportunity to meet on good terms. Perhaps that is for the best." - Izdihar Khoury

OOC Information

Player: Ray J.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Tim Hodgden

Storyteller Email:

Location: Chicago, IL