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Commonly Known Information

Name: Conon Paderbornesis

Notable Traits: Swore an indissoluble oath to God to only wear shoes when necessary. It's rarely necessary.

Sect: Unaligned

Clan: Kiasyd


Conon was ordained sometime during the life of Charlemagne, and served as one of the first priests in the Paderborn Diocese. Several centuries later, he was embraced in Strasbourg. He never joined in any Sect, and fled Europe when he became convinced that it was literally God-Forsaken. When the Nights of Turmoil began, he completely withdrew from vampiric society, only re-emerging in 2017 when he read it was over.


  • He can reliably call upon miracles.
  • Conon was killed in 2001. "Conon" is an infiltrator of some kind.
  • From 800-1100 and 2000-2017, Conon was engaged in interdimensional missionary work.

OOC Information

Player: Andrew Stephen Coughlin

Player Email:

Storyteller: Sigurdur Sigurdurson

Storyteller Email:

Location: Labor, Silence, Penitence (Trenton)