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  • Aliases: Oracle of Bones and Priestess of Bones
  • Embrace date: 1000 BCE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Cappadocian
  • Sire: Unknown
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Autarkis)
  • Current Location: Unknown
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project
Constancia portrait.jpg

Physical Description

Constancia is tall and thin to the point of emaciation. Her hair is light brown and extends most of the way down her neck. Her features would be beautiful if they were not set so harsh and sunken, and when she leaves her haven she wears a long robe that covers her hair and face.

Brief History

Constancia was born in Greece. She quickly became the Priestess of Bones and the Matron of the Erciyes Temple, the Cappadocian clan’s spiritual center and home to the Antediluvian himself. Though not an adventurer, she travelled unusually widely, visiting all across Europe and even to the coasts around Africa and into India and as far as Indonesia. Constancia has taken it upon herself to make and cultivate contacts in every land she has visited, and rare is the night when at least one letter from a far-flung friend does not show up in the hands of a messenger. A year before the Giovanni betrayed her clan, Constancia went into seclusion in 1443 CE and has been seen rarely since. Most believe her to be a casualty of the purge by the Giovanni. An unmarked tomb was found in 1936 CE near Giza containing a desiccated corpse that many Giovanni and other vampires believe to be Constancia's, but the body disappeared before the Giovanni could investigate.

Current Status


Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 500 BCE to 1443 CE Required PC Sects/Factions: Unaligned (Autarkis) Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Sabbat (Harbinger) or Unaligned (Autarkis).
  • Path: Any.
  • Skills: Any two of the following skills at 3 or higher: Academics, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, or Occult.
  • Special: Childer of Constancia must possess the Path of Bones, as she would ensure every childer was well educated in her chosen Necromantic Path.
  • Special: Childer of Constancia should possess Lore: Necromancy, and be social primaries in order to assist in their mastery of Necromantic Paths.


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