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Name: Jackson Daniels
Aliases: Shift, Boom, Funk Master Daniels
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: Control-Shift-Boom
Age: 32
Current Location: Los Angeles County
Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom
Pack/Position: Gaia's Evolution/Prime Ahroun


Homid Form: Always in a custom tailored suit, Jackson stands 6'5" and carries an aura of confidence. His tie showing off a small detail into his connection with the Glass Walkers and to the Weaver. Large black sunglasses cover his piercing blue eyes that reveal the dedication of a leader. At his side is a messenger bag that is known to carry all types of tech and firearms. And finally, at his hip sits a large revolver, affectionately known as The Funk to those who see it in action

Crinos Form: To this day no one has ever seen Jackson in this form. It is rumored that he is so in touch with humanity that shifting into the ultimate Garou killing form is not possible outside of giving into Frenzy

Lupus Form: Full smooth grey pelt with no hair ever out of place. Defined black powder paws that leave a feint trail when he speeds through rough terrain. Almost as rare as his rumored Crinos form.


Apoc PC

Player: Darold Morris
Tribe: Glasswalker
Camp: Corporate Wolves
Faction: Concordant of Stars
Domain: Los Angeles
VST: Justin Searles VST

IC Email: [1]

Character Information


Jackson is ruthless if seen in the business world. Not shy to cut a deal and come out on top. Within the mortal world, dog eat dog might describe the young CEO. Stubborn, tireless, and strong willed.
Within the nation, Control Shift Boom is detailed, tactical, and always willing to bring out his helpful nature. A leader in attitude and personality.



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  • "Only through evolution can the Garou Nation rise to new heights."
  • "They say the funk is dead. That pain across your face is The Funk showing you how wrong that is."
  • "I do not hate the Sanctum, I just wish a few of them would stop living."
  • "Do not worry about me, just let me do work."


  • "He and I are very very different. He cannot even speak properly! But he is so dedicated to the Tribe and the Nation. And for all our differences, we both help each other make up for what we lack." - StrongTalk
  • "Run through your halls halls. Hunt with your politics. Succeed or fail, you will do your part for Gaia." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "One of the best out there. He knows how to get things done and just goes after it. Few have the balls." ~ Penelope Dawson


  • Jackson is in fact an agent of Pentex sent to destroy the Garou Nation
  • Jackson is actually a secret Camp Defector to the Sanctum of Gaia, specifically meant to collapse the upstart Concordat of Stars
  • He is not actually related to Glow Bug


  • Hank Pym, specifically his rivalry with Tony Stark
  • Stanley Jobson as played by Hugh Jackman in Swordfish
  • Steve Jobs of Apple
  • All the Sharks from Shark Tank


Out of Character

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  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever! ^_^

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