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Character Details

Name: Dr. Cora Peters

Gender: Genderfluid

Apparent Age: 30

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Leechfinger

Court: Spring

City: Wellington, New Zealand

Notable Traits: A soft, warm breeze that follows her, a gentle smell of lavender upon it (Spring Mantle 4), remarkably androgynous in appearance and looks almost exactly like her twin, Kunit.



Cora is a very patient and approachable woman, unlike her twin brother. She is known to be a workaholic but when she is not working she can be found gardening. She takes great pride in her work and will happily help anyone in need. Despite her willingness to help others if someone crosses her or catches her before she has had a morning coffee you best run.

Time Line

♦ 1978 - Born in Napier, New Zealand.

♦ 2001 - Graduates College.

♦ 2004 - Graduates Medschool


♦ 2007 - Obtains her Doctor's Licence.

♦ 2009 - Taken to Arcadia.

♦ 2016 - Escapes Arcadia.

♦ 2018 - Moves to Wellington, New Zealand.

Friends / Family / Rivals

  • Kunit, her twin brother. Born 12 minutes apart and she never lets him forget it. Also motleymate.
  • MD, a fellow doctor practicing in Auckland. She's a Thyrsus Life mage.


  • Despite those ears, she's hard of hearing.
  • Shares a telepathic link with her twin.
  • Loves cannons.
  • It's often hard to know which of the twins you're talking to unless you know them both incredibly well. And even then it's not a guarantee.
  • It's a secret, but the rabbits are trying to take over New Zealand.

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  • "After all this time... I never imagined I would see her again. Some things have changed. Like the ears, those are new. But most things are the same. She's still my sister. Even 'They' couldn't take that away." - Kunit
  • "Honestly thought it was Kunit in a dress... Never would I have expected his twin to actually look like him in every way. Particular not a fraternal twin. It's very very strange. But she's interesting at least. I wonder if she will fit with the rest of the Corps." - Sable
  • "Oh god, they are multiplying..." - Cap
  • "Aggressive, no Driven. Great doctor that I know will be a exceptional medical professional to those in her care. That's what everyone needs right? A Doctor they can rely on." - Adam O'Brien

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OOC Information

Player: Kate W US2017060093

Player Email: Email Me

Virtual MES VST Email: Email

Location: New Zealand, Virtual