Coraline Delacroix

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"Wòch nan dlo pa konn doulè wòch nan soley."

Character Information

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Name: Coraline “Cora” Delacroix
Aliases: Mama Cœur, Mama Cor, la Dame Blanche, Brigitte Cross
Clan: Samedi
Sect: Unaligned
Gen: 8th

A House of Voudon

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Notable Traits

  • -Seer
  • -High Voodoo Priestess, Occultist, Ritualist, open practitioner
  • -Ghostly, corpse-like appearance, reeks of heavy patchouli with underlying notes of formaldehyde & decay
  • -Surrounded by random patches of deep cold
  • -For those able to see spirits/ghosts: a little girl (appears aged 3-4) randomly manifests attached to Cora, the girl's emotions vary between terrified, extreme anger, and incredible pain/sadness
  • -Is considered the “Representative” for the unaligned in San Francisco
  • -Is the SF County Medical Examiner/ Coroner
  • -Avoids feeding in the company of other kindred
  • -Has a deep, intense hatred for the Sabbat

Coterie: AltMajik

Publicly Known Allies

Neg di san fe...

  • "Oui, je la connais. Non, je ne vous dirai pas comment. Je l'aime bien. C'est tout ce que vous allez entendre de moi." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Leave it to Cora to somehow place herself as the 'Unaligned Contact' in SF to leverage political power. That's worse than someone pretending to be the representative of all Anarchs. Still, I would not spend my free time debating magical theory with her if she were not deviously intelligent." - Asher Meier
  • "I've oft been accused over the years of being too soft-hearted, but hearing Cora's story would make the stoniest of hearts weep. If there is any way to help make this existence easier for her, she has but to ask." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Elle est une joie de parler avec le thé et le mystère et aura toujours mon oreille. Si le besoin se fait sentir que mes services soient requis, elle n'a qu'à demander." - Pollux Xenos
  • "Cora was sort of a 'Spiritual Advisor' while I had my reign. That got the notice of a lot of people, but you know what? I didn't make my way in this world by caring what people thought of me, and neither has she." - Winifred Harriet Mickel
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The Loa speak in whispers...

  • As a mortal, she was once burned at the stake as witch, and survived.
  • She instigated the revolt that led to the Haitian Massacre of 1804.
  • A mortal once caught her performing a ritual on an artifact around the time of the Great Influenza outbreak. He was never seen or heard from by polite society again.
  • She was once the most feared Scourge in New Orleans. She became so monstrous, she had to leave the Camarilla.
  • Rumors (add your own!)


Great Britain (c 1779-1796)

  • 1779: Born to an noble British family, at their country estate
  • 1796: Accused of witchcraft

France (c 1796-1797)

  • 1796: Paris. Married Francois Delacroix, the second son of French noble Delacroix family
  • 1797: Set sail with Francois to Sierra Leone, as he pursued his merchant business.

West Africa (c 1797-1802)

Haiti (c 1802-1804)

  • 1804: Cap-Haitien. Embraced into Clan Samedi
  • 1804: Cap-Haitien. Mortal daughter viciously murdered by Sabbat

New Orleans (c 1804-2013)

San Francisco (c 2013-present)

Player Information

  • Player: Ami Lovelace - Email
  • MES #: US2015060055
  • Storyteller: Tanya Telson - VST Email
  • Coordinator: Virginia Lindgren - DC Email