Cormag Wooden-Shins

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Dread Bear Kilt Plaid.jpg
Dread Bear Kilt Plaid.jpg
Cormag "Wooden-Shins" Cailean
Cormag Wooden-Shins, Kojubat Gurahl of Cincinnati


Gurahl, Mountain Guardian Auspice:
Kojubat (Galliard)


Rank and Renown

Rank 3
Glory 1|Honor 1|Wisdom 1
Hero (+1 Glory)
Glory 2|Honor 1|Wisdom 2

Sept and Pack

The Seven Hills of Blood, Cincinnati, OH
Big Red Machine


Known Associates

Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees,
Gurahl from Puerto Rico

Pack Members

James "Gaia's Shield" Turner,
Child of Gaia from Cincinnati
Who Dey,
Bastet Tiger from Cincinnati
James Keaton,
Glasswalker from Cincinnati
Jean Francois Arouet,
Silent Strider from Cincinnati
Nohime Ozuki,
Stargazer from Cincinnati
Vittorio Kent,
Child of Gaia from Cincinnati

OOC Information

Tribe: Gurahl
Afilliation: Garou Nation
Rank: 3
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Greg G
VST: Adam L

"Kilt of the Dread Bear"

Few animals are as intimidating when encountered in the wild as a bear. This item is a kilt that when worn by a Gurahl allows him to weaponize that fear. The Gurahl makes a Mental + Occult test vs. Physical + Dodge. Damage is 2 Lethal which cannot be negated.

Painful, Additional Cantrips
Ornamental, Sorcerous, Exclusive: Gurahl

Created by: Greg G

"In yon withered bracken's lair Slumbered the wolf and shaggy bear."

Notable Traits and Style

Cormag wears an old great kilt. He carries an antique 1866 Winchester rifle. He spends much of his private time in Ursus form, which is that of the now extinct Caledonian Brown Bear. He travels in the form of a peregrine falcon, using Thousand Forms.


• Cormag was born on April 16th 1741 in the Highland forests of Scotland
• He underwent his First Change April 16th 1746
• This was a post-war period in Scottish history. Lacking opportunity he emigrated to America.
• He arrived in the Virginia Colony in 1749. He quickly went to live, as a Bear, in the Appalachian Mountains in the western portion of Virginia Colony. Here he hibernated frequently.
• By the mid-1760s Scotch-Irish and German immigrants began settling in the mountains. Cormag assisted them and lived in community with them for a couple of years.
• In 1770 he retreated further into the mountains. He lived as a bear and hibernated frequently again, having only minor contact with people.
• As people kept encroaching he kept retreating further and further into the mountains. The first settlement in what would become Kentucky was founded in 1774. Cormag settled permanently into the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky at this time, and hibernated.
• His hibernation was interrupted in 1779 by fighting between natives with their
British allies and Kentucky settlers. The Revolutionary war was on. Cormag
aided and fought on each side seeking balance to keep the fighting from spilling
into his territory.
• In 1801 Cormag meets Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees, through a Native American
contact. Yitzhak spent a lot of time working to prevent the dispossession of native
peoples, and Cormag served as muscle when Yitzhak called for him.

1810: After the Fannon Garou (New York) were ambushed and slaughtered by BSDs the Fannon Kinfolk fled through Cormag's territory in the Appalachian mountains. Cormag provided safe passage and some supplies, but was unwilling to get involved with a bunch of Garou kinfolk. When pressed to get involved Cormag merely quoted the Code of Ursa, "Remember your history".

• He hibernated for a long time, waking next in 1863. He found the colonies had become States, and were at war with one another. He defended his territory and the local bear population, again balancing his support and assistance between the Union and the Confederacy.

1864: Baird Caedmon O'Mannion's brigade was assigned to the command of Union Maj. Gen. Stephen G. Burbridge who was tasked with enforcing martial law in Kentucky. Rebel guerrillas were conducting campaigns in the state at that time. Baird's squad tracked a group of rebels through northern Kentucky and into the Appalachian east. Having been disturbed by the rebel movements, Cormag sought out their Union pursuers. Cormag and Baird devised an ambush for the rebels, which lead to the rebels' capture. Later that year, other rebels were planning an attack on a union railway. To keep them away from his territory, Cormag Wooden-Shins helped them with the attack. The railway was guarded by Baird's troops, and the rebel's were ultimately routed after causing moderate damage. Baird accused the Cormag of betrayal, to which the Gurahl merely quoted the Code of Ursa, "Protect the land". From this episode a feud was set between Cormag and the O'Mannions. Baird was eventually deployed elsewhere, and Cormag went on playing both sides, but the disagreement was never resolved. The bad blood led to a tradition of "poking the bear" by O'Mannions. Nothing malevolent. Just disturbing his slumber, to get a rise out of him.

• At the end of the war he returned to hibernation. He woke only briefly in the 20th century.
• He joined the Garou Nation and the local Sept in 2015

Information Known by the Garou Nation

• Cormag spent some time in the mid 20th century working with James Gaia's Shield of the Children of Gaia.
• He joined the Garou Nation and the local Sept in Cincinnati in 2015.
• He is in possession of a fetish kilt that allows him to cause pain of terror with a glance.

Rumors & Quotes

• Cormag hunts wild hog with his Khan Bastet packmate.
• He assisted the Confederates during the civil war.
• He sits in on the Theurge meetings
• "I've been a bystander my whole life. Apocalypse has come and gone. Maybe it's time to get involved..."

The Code of Ursa

• Cleanse the Tainted
• Guard the Secrets
• Respect the Elder
• Remember Your History
• Avenge Wrongful Slaying

Cuillin Mountains, Scotland

• Cherish the Cubs
• Protect the Land
• Heal the Sick
• Nurture the Needy
• Teach the Supplicant
• Breed Wisely

Appalachian Mountains

Mailing Lists

Deed Name

Cormag obtained his deed name while in Scotland before immigrating to the American colonies. The translation is imprecise, but is meant to mean something like "legs rooted in the ground"

Recent News

10/28/2017 - Cormag assists in raising the Caern in Cincinnati. He successfully Ultimatums an Incarna.