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An Introduction

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Elder Prince of Montreal

Established, Privileged & Confirmed
Authority, Sovereign & Commander
Favored by Gaius Cornelius Scipio
Praiseworthy Praetor to her clan.
Social Nobility, Aura of Command
Liege to Dragomir, Pretty Boy, Kira Mantle, Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, Alan & Brioche

The popular Ventrue Prince of Montreal achieved Final Death in the early hours of the morning on New Years Day, 2018 at the Chicago Rant held by Prince Seigrid, where she was attending as a guest of Karma. During her departure she was attacked by assailants who overcame her defenders and violently tore her apart and fled in a nondescript van.

No party stepped forward to claim responsibility.

After several months of careful examination, a member of Sanctuary was formally accused of her murder and heresy used within the Domain of Chicago, and his home Domain of Cincinnati was asked to provide Raephael for a trial judged by a representative of both sects and a neutral representative. Baron Faust of Cincinnati indicated willingness, but shortly before the event a declaration by several advocates and other individuals within the Anarch movement to reject the Authority of the Justicars.

This resulted in a further declaration that all members of the so called "Sanctuary Gang" were to be considered guilty and Foresaken, and that Anarchs declaring themselves apart from the Tower were also to be Foresaken.

Lobbying on the part of Princes and Architects of the Camarilla bought a stay to all but the Sanctuary Gang, where a conclave would be held over the Summer Solstice...

Kindred of all Sects now anxiously await the results of that discussion...



Everyone likes to be noticed, but nobody, really, likes to have to promote themselves. It’s a vulnerable place to be, standing there, exposed, asking other people to love you. But that has been the mainstay of my way of being. Life, even this shadow semblance, is fleeting, grasp and drink deeply for tomorrow may never come.

As an Everard ghoul in the 17th century, I served a full, long lifetime in the royal court, maintaining or lineage’s historic homeland’s freedom from papist tyranny, not with the sword but with a gentleness. Mine was the world of the whisper in the ear, the kiss and the ever-yielding softness where the powerful might rest. If I were called to account why they took me from the privileged state of their service to the elevation of the blood, it is my loyalty unto death that carried me over that threshold.

I am no scholar, and I know and admire those wiser than myself. I’m no warrior, although I know to fear and love those who make the last argument of kings. My neonate years were spent as wife, because all men and women need someone who can champion their wants and ambitions. My family arranged me these contracts three times, with my enthusiastic ascent, and the fourth I negotiated myself, grown now in power to bring my status to support. That is my role as Elder, now. I must find the most ambitious, the cleverest and strongest of the Neonates and Ancilla and push them forward into the light. My own power is not in my Presence, although I am told I have a talent for it, but in people, and the price is to work tirelessly for their promotion.

But, there’s always a cost, isn’t there? So much death for the undying. Watching those proud babies rise up, grow into themselves and march to war. And I am a good mother as is the way of my clan, telling them with true love, return with your shield… or upon it.

If I do not, I fail them. Theirs is not to be cosseted pets to my vanity, but to go forth and seize the nettle or be yet more ash on the floor on which we dance. The same also for my peers and elders- I must let them burn bright, for all our sakes, to follow and carry.

I am Ventrue, proud to be such. My baptized name is Cornelia, after that great woman, Cornelia Africanus, unto whom her children were her jewels, and I carry my first, mortal husband’s surname to this late night, Mowebary, to remind myself that Rome is my mother, but I am of what came after and what was built and not just born. And I truly believe in the mission of our Methusala, Julia Antasia, mother of the Immortal Senate.

But mine is also the world of all that is merry and light. One must have levity, freedom of movement, drinking, song, art… My parties are so famous that perhaps you have heard of that society- Cirque du Sang? An open secret, we celebrate our kind and each other, for it is also my belief, though perhaps it is eccentric- we must make our lives worthwhile through pleasure, or else what is the point?

((Trying to get familiar with her? Try here! Videos! Cornelia on Youtube))

Cornelia Mowebary

Truths, Lies & Relationships


House Everard


1630: Born
1700: Embraced
1715: First marriage to Sebatos Palilogos
1765: Second Marriage
1805: Arrived in the New World, Boston
1840: Third Marriage
2000: Ascended to Elder
2017: Seized Praxis of Montreal
2018: Murdered in Chicago, presumed by the Sanctuary 7

Notable References

  • Jimmy merely drops a single yellow flower into the waters of the Saint Laurence. Jimmy Kincaid
  • "There will be scarcely an opportunity passed that Prince Mowebary would not take to surprise and delight. My niece is all things a Ventrue, and a Prince, should be. Composed, articulate, refined, and just. The black recesses of my heart swell with pride for her." Prince Rikard Bouwman
  • "My grandchilde has ever been, and continues to be, a credit to House Everard and to Clan Ventrue. She is intelligent, witty, and always knows just how far to push while staying within the boundaries of cultured society that we Kings are known for. She is not a woman to be crossed lightly." Desmond Aldred
  • ""It's not so bad when she gets angry with you. It's when she gets 'disappointed' that you know you're licked." Darrow Westholme
  • "Wings dried, she takes flight. We will watch her progress with great interest" Gaius Aquillius
  • "To know her is to love her basking in the effortless radiance that lifts all spirits. Cross her and be cast out, languishing ignored in darkness until you just. . . disappear." Xavier Langston
  • "She's marvelous fun, just don't be boring, darling. You don't want to be left off her party's guest list." Mitzy Carmichael
  • "I've had many pupils over the eons of my unlife. Cornelia remains my delight." Ilythia L'ange Du Val
  • "Mowebary? A necessary evil. Very necessary, and very evil." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "If she ever offers to show you her 'training mace' say yes, trust me, TOTALLY fucking worth it." Holly Wood
  • "I will readily admit the extraordinary when I see it. Despite my capacity for socialization, I am truly a loner at heart. I feel more alone in a room full of the boring and common than I do on my own. With Cornelia, despite the energetic disagreements we have and the differences of our blood, I never have. Thus she is what I would call exceptional." Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Her enthusiasm is delightful, if occasionally exhausting. I am glad to see she has something to pour that boundless energy into." Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "In my admittedly brief interactions with Elder Prince Mowebary, I found little to condemn and much to admire. The Konigin of Montreal is courteous, well spoken-and I am certain as calculating a predator as ever has walked the night. I hope we cross paths again." Stefan Hoffman
  • "The Lady Prince is capable, pragmatic, and efficient. I trust her to guide the Camarilla well, and rule with dignity and grace." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Her ravenous beauty is matched only by her zeal and ruthless efficiency." Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "Hers is a spirit, unbound by sorrow, and lifted by the joys of freedom; freedom of self, and freedom of infinite experiences yet unlived. Oh, the heights and depths we reached, and the many more that could be had... I would have asked her to remain mine forever, but for the thought of chaining such boundless joy, even to myself, would be a tragedy beyond measure." Sokar
  • "It is quite an honour to have the opportunity to work with Her Majesty, it is rare to find someone I can trust to be so capable." Mr. Blackett
  • "Elder Prince Mowebary and I have not had enough dealings yet. I pray that as I age I am able to emulate her inviting nature and earn the adoration of my Praxis as she has. Oh, you would like an actual opinion? I am afraid information that useful is not given without prestation." Elisha Hale
  • "Oh, I like her. She's a social assassin." Atticus
  • "I am glad that another pillar clan Elder understands the threat we face." Elijah Zacheaus
  • "Yeah, she's fucking bugnuts, but if she wants to help us not all get murdered in our sleep by hunters, I'm down with working with her." Kyle Morgan
  • " When my Sire was brought to Final Death, she stepped in. When she realized my talents, she nurtured them, and made certain that others saw my potential as well. Wherever I go in my unlife, I will owe the best of it to Cornelia Mowebary. To her, I am forever faithful" Kira Mantle
  • "Still tonight I have so much left to burn, veins run pure to make the memories fade. She swore the moments we shared never mattered, nor will they ever. Hear her whisper of how it feels to hold a heart, outlined in the darkest of light, as it cracks. I adore her lovely guise, glowing bright before descent, the fairest disaster of all." Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "Hun er en ekspert på å være en høflig rovdyr. Hun smiler. Hennes ord avvæpner. Jeg hører hva hun egentlig sier med sine søte kommentarer." - Olaf
  • "...I should send her the bill for the cleaning of clothes. Absolutely covered in the hair of her canine companions." - Salomé St. John
  • "I guess she like wants everyone to be confused and like off-balance. It's like really weird, because like she was one moment all like you're supers Favored. So like, sure, a Ventrue, like I guess she's like giving Gma the middle finger and being all like hey, your neonate's like my pet. But like, she's also like being all like protective and friendly and like really I don't like even know what to think of her. I mean, I guess there actually some people who like realize you don't like have to be a tyrant to rule." Karma
  • "She reminds me of a French handfan - brilliantly ornate, delicate in its construction, and a tool often used to mask another's secrets and scandals. " Irma Kardos
  • "I have never known another Kindred to be so kind or so generous. So patient, and for one of her esteemed status, to have such talent with technology. I am in constant awe. ...also she gave me a puppy." - Dr. David Archer
  • "My encounters with her have proven that she is one of the most brave, open-minded, and respectful Ventrue that I have ever encountered. This makes her the second Elder of House Everard that I hold in high respect and esteem, which, as I am Brujah, should speak volumes to the quality of their character." - Asher Meier
  • "I sadly didn't get to interact with her too much, but I saw her dog. Which was adorable. Seriously, makes me miss the dog I had growing up as a kid. Also, to be a Ventrue going to a Brujah Rant? That takes balls, she is okay in my book. For a Ventrue..." Juniper Durham
  • "She always reminded me of a kinglet, a song bird from my childhood, a small flashes of color and life in an otherwise bleak world. People had a hard time resisting a smile when they would appear, much the same with Cornelia." Torben
  • "Dear Cornelia brought such warmth to the unlife with her smile. When she asks for help I find that I couldn't possibly turn her down even if I wanted to." Rhiannon Byrd
  • "You'd like think I could have like saved her but like fuck. Seven, and like those golden eyes I like got lost in. You'd think I could have like saved her, wouldn't you..."Karma
  • " Elder Mowebary...Would sometimes start to call me by another name, before correcting herself. I think it might have been the name of one of her mortal daughters. If there is any peace for us after our Final Death, she deserves it. For myself, I doubt I will ever feel at peace with her loss until my own Final Death". Kira Mantle
  • "Like Helen of Troy, she's set countless warriors and would-be avengers on each other now. When we look back, she will be the powder keg that set the clans into the state they'll become. I wonder at what Everard will be with her loss." Gabriel
  • "The Camarilla will likely never know another of her kind for another 100 years. She will be missed." Kevin Hagen
  • "Quote quote quote" YOUR NAME

Known to be True

Rumours and Reputation

  • After four contracts, she has sworn only to marry one worthy.
  • Her Intolerance of the Catholic church is legendary.
  • She is bound in a blood contract by her liege.
  • The nickname "Queen of Hearts" comes from a collection gathered from her conquests.
  • She is a leader among leaders, although she would never admit it. When she enters a room people notice, whether for good or ill it matters not.
  • Cornelia and Sokar were responsible for massacring a whole mining village on the U.S./Canada border in the 1800's, in a fit of lust and for the fun of it, and blamed it on the Sabbat.
  • Prince Mowebary is really a Settite secretly adopted into the Ventrue in an elaborate boon exchange. Its the reason she is so poor at Dominate but has never been staked.
  • She once told a Nosferatu he reminded her of her first husband.
  • Mowebary was killed and replaced by Kementari.
  • Mowebary spread information about Ventrue internal politics. This is easily traced back to her. Now she's dead and no one is allowed to act on it without the leave of the Ventrue Justicar.
  • Dottie Youngblood orchestrated the murder of Cornelia Mowebary out of clan motivated jealousy.
  • Brujah elders orchestrated the murder of Cornelia Mowebary because she was a politically successful member of her clan.
  • She was engaged to Hugo Duval
  • She was the blood thrall of Brujah.
  • Carden D'Vergobret was thrice bound to her.
  • She was a slaver.
  • (Whisper your praise and slander here.)

Inevitable OOC Stuffs


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Player Email: Me
Storyteller: VST Masquerade
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Location: Montreal, QC


Personal Theme: Between the Bars Swan Song: Non, je ne regrette rien Party Theme: Too Drunk to Fuck Fear Song/Chronicle Theme: Black Wave Victory March: Liliburlero

Personal RP Philosophy

So. I am here for the story, the drama and the interpersonal interactions. I like being your foil, your catalyst and your amplifier. I want to send your Neonates and Ancillas on adventures and provide the win/praise and the fear/consequences that goes with playing an elder.

I tolerate and enjoy really dark, and am comfortable playing victim so you can get a win and feel safe being evil/mean. I am also willing to help you manage the OOC so your character does not get mobbed for being terrible.

Please be careful with weird sex rumours, getting strange about it is why we can't have nice things

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