Cornelius Boissonneault

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Commonly Known Information

  • Name: Cornelius "Frank" Boissonneault
  • Clan: Malkavian
  • Notable Traits: Loyalist
  • Society: Sabbat
  • Pack: Ministry of Mortals
  • Gender: Male
  • Apparent Age: 35
  • Appearance: Brown hair, average height. Typically wears casual clothing, often has a bag.


  • Has a reputation for being able to obtain a wide variety of items quickly.
  • Active in the Sabbat of Quebec in the 1800's.
  • Likes to play with his food.
  • Gets agitated when asked about Gehenna.
  • Some claim he assisted in the 2002 Crusade near Phoenix.

OOC Information

  • Player: Karl Tars
  • Player Email:
  • Storyteller: Michael Jackson
  • Storyteller Email:
  • Location: Orange County, CA