Cracked the Moon

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Lupus Silent Striders Theurge Master of the Challenge

Cracked the Moon


Homid Name: Aiden McCaine
Deed Names:

  • "Soul Seeker"
  • "Cracked the Moon"


  • Master of Challenges, Sept of the Eastern Skies

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid:
  • Lupus:
  • Crinos: This form has yet to be seen even amongst his pack.

Other Notes:


  • Pack Totem: Weasel
  • Speaks the Serpent's Tongue - Homid, Uktena, Galiard, Adren. Den Parent of the Sept of Eastern Skies
  • Buddy - Lupus, Bone Gnawer, Philodox, Fostern. Truthcatcher of the Sept of Eastern Skies.
  • Hex - Metis, Glass Walker, Ragabash, Fostern. Fool of the Sept of Eastern Skies.
  •  ???

Basic Timeline

  • 2014 - July (Historical Game),
  • 2014 - Fall - The Battle of Siamese Ponds -

Quotes and Rumors

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Out of Character

Format inspired by Michael Kingsley

Player: Dan C

Player Email:

Storyteller: Laura D

Storyteller Email:

Location: Boston, MA