Creation of Pack Temperance

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Creation of Pack Temperance

Founding members.

  • Michael Olsen "Arbiter of Malice", Athro Get of Fenris Philodox
  • Erecul Tophroi "Falcon's Grasp of Truth", Athro Silver Fang Philodox
  • Naomi O'Mannion "Reads-The-Threads", Adren Fianna Galliard
  • Tameka Prete "Soothes the Storms", Fostern Black Furies Theurge
  • “Peace Maker”, Fostern Fianna Theurge

This story is true. This is the story of the creation of my Pack ‘Temperance’ and our efforts to secure the patronage of the mighty War Totem Boar. After months of discussions amongst ourselves, and deciding whether we knew each other well enough to become Anamae, on a cold day in February in Anglesey, Arbiter of Malice, Falcon’s Grasp of Truth, Peace Maker, Soothes the Storms and myself entered the Umbra - optimistic - with the intention of proving our worth to Boar.

Our search was hard. More difficult than we anticipated. Nonetheless, we continued with determination and the aid of each other to track Boar down. We were beset upon by several unfriendly spirits, who attempted to pervert our actions with promises of glory and gifts. Falcon’s Grasp of Truth was distracted, though not to take up their offer, to reason with them and persuade them against hostility toward us. Soothes the Storms attempted to help Falcon’s Grasp of Truth but we were approached by banes. Arbiter of Malice, Peace Maker and I ignored the attempts at dissuading us, shaking us from our stated goal.

At last, after a long search, Boar is found and he was tough to convince. He laughed at our request but we persevered on. Arbiter of Malice spoke to Boar directly, about the trials he had personally endured, losing a previous packmate to murder, about the battles he had been part of and survived. Peace Maker shared some of her pain at the loss of someone close or important to all of us. I recited more tales of each of us to Boar, stressing the need for us to have mighty Boar’s assistance, to protect each other, defend our Sept and fight the enemies that are gathering ever closer and more powerful around us. About the Fallen Garou biting and killing kinfolk in our protectorate. The Fallen that we are on the hunt for to bring it to Justice. Hunting down the leeches from their attacks upon the Sept in late 2016 and again later. Boar listened. Boar listened to our need, our perseverance and our courage. This began to win him over to our side as the starless dark of time passed. Long into the night did our discussions with Boar go on, our voices growing ever more persuasive and demonstrating our worthy tales to the spirit of war.

After many hours of talking, Boar finally agreed, with a shrug and a snort, a pawing of the ground and a toss of his head to lift his tusks. He accepted a touch of our hand on his gleaming war tusks and we felt the beneficence of Boar’s strength, reminding all of the mental, physical and spiritual advantages of a Totem’s patronage. Five have become one with Boar’s benediction.

Our pack is now formed. Our new Totem shines on us and patrons us whilst we made our way home. We have much to thank him for and for his aid we give up the eating of his meat and that of his earthly children. A small sacrifice for what he grants to us.

We would welcome any in our Sept who feel as we do and wish to join our Pack. If you do not feel our pack is for you and do not have a bond of one yourself, I would urge you to seek out others so you too can feel the companionship of a pack and the blessing of a Totem spirit of your own choosing. Do not stay alone. A pack is a great support even just to know you are in one.

I am
Naomi "Reads the Threads" O'Mannion
Galliard Talesinger of Oak Vale
Adren, Born of Fianna, Bitten into the Nation


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