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Cricket Crumb, Portrait by Em R.





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► "They say that one man's rubbish is another's treasure. Well there's always an exception to the rule." (Elias Walker)
► "In my experience, one is only that brave defying a prince for one of three reasons. They are Sabbat, they are ignorant, or they have a death wish. I cannot say that little thing is not all three." (Thomas Bronson)
► " least she’s resilient." (Simon St. John)

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Crumb first arrived in Denver in 1972 and she aligned herself with the Anarch Movement only a few weeks after her arrival. She never did much to stand out from the Anarch rabble - but Crumb did manage to earn a reputation as a Revisionist whose primary concern was the collective good. She always spoke her mind when it came to the importance of cautious and incremental change over full blown revolution. Rather than revolutionary tactics, she was known to insist that any path other than incremental change would only invite the spectacular violence of the Camarilla and that this violence would disproportionately impact the weakest within the Movement. She understood why some wanted to force a change but she always felt the Anarch Movement first had a responsibility to protect those whose blood was thinnest and most vulnerable, at least if it wanted to be better than the Camarilla it resisted.

Crumb disappeared in late 1999, only a few months before the Sabbat incursion which resulted in the wholesale execution of countless clanless vampires. Some assumed that she was one of the first casualties. Others assumed that she had seen the writing on the wall and had finally proven herself a coward. Her name and face were forgotten among the Anarchs until she answered the 2019 call to court that had been sent out by the new prince Robert Lancaster and his elders. She was still an Anarch when she entered the gathering that night but she was Anarch who saw a chance to help the Camarilla at last fulfill its promise to the strong and the weak alike. Unfortunately, her night out did not go as planned when the prince and his court learned that she had been taking photo portraits of local Kindred with permission from those she photographed. With one exception, those she photographed had been Anarch representatives who had gathered to discuss the Edict of Succession with the prince and his court. Prince Lancaster had her camera destroyed and then demanded in front of his court that she be blood bound to his Sheriff and put under the accounting of his Scourge as well. When asked about her sire, she told the prince that it was a secret meant to prevent both her sire and the prince embarrassment, before she accused the prince of not understanding the relationship between the Anarchs and the Camarilla sects.

Crumb disappeared from the Denver scene once again as a way to dodge the punishments Robert Lancaster had levied. She did appear from time to time at the Denver nightclub known as the Temple - mostly to play pool or dance - but was mostly only found on the online Anarch servers, keeping in touch with the greater Anarch Movement of the United States while hiding in a haven called the Hole, a haven she swore no one in the Camarilla could find. This changed again in May of 2019 when she returned to the Denver court to challenge the new prince James Carnaby and his scourge Greg Polk during a Brujah rant over the sport killing of two Caitiff autarks. She was called over to meet the new prince after a brief confrontation with the Denver scourge. When he told her that she could either die or be blood bound to the scourge, something in her broke. Crumb told Prince Carnaby that she had never violated the Masquerade and that he was violating the Convention of Thorns with his actions. Once Prince Carnaby made it clear that he did not care, she told him she would bring an Anarch war down on his head and then chose to drink once from the Scourge rather than face a certain execution at the hands of the Camarilla who had gathered in her presence. During some brief conversations with those present, Crumb let word of her plans slip (along with a confession that she was mostly certain the blood bond would not stick) before disappearing from the city once again. Crumb then began to seek out Anarchs she could rally to her cause, believing that the Anarchs in Denver lacked the solidum needed to get the job done.

Player: Em R.
Player Membership Number: US2002022810
Venue Storyteller: Selina Ostberg
Domain: Denver
Region: North Central