Crimson Ice

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Pack Information

Name: Crimson Ice

Totem: Nerigal, the Ice Warrior. Incarna of War.

Classification: Destiny Pack

Life Cycle: Wayfarers

Organized Structure: Authoritarian Pack

Ban: Forbidden to show fear, Can't retreat from battle once initiated, Not allowed to avoid obstacles but overcome them.

Membership and Allies

'Orignal Riders:'

Fenrir, Philidox, Adren
  • Aren Landry - Minister of Harmony
Fenrir, Galliard, Fostern
  • Lars Landry - Minister of Peace
Fenrir, Ahroun, Fostern

'Patched In:'

  • Hellevi Larssen
Fenrir, Ragabash, Fostern
  • Dillon
Fianna, Theurge, Fostern
  • Jackson Faircloth
Silver Fang, Ahroun, Fostern

'In Valhalla:'

  • Saga - packmate, died in the battle of Hurricane Katrina
Fostern, Lupus, Galliard, Fenrir
  • Talisin - packmate, died in battle during Deep Water Horizon
Cliath, Homid, Ragabash, Fianna


Kinfolk, Fenrir, Shield-maiden

History Known and Sung

Coming Soon!

Bragging Rights

  • Rite of the Still Skies 2009 - 2010
  • More Soon


OOC Info

Location: New Orleans, LA

Domain: LA-005-D

Storyteller: Katie Nance

Storyteller Email: