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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Crunch

Deed Name: Feeds the Buzzards

Breed Hyaenid

Rank Fostern

Auspice Dusk (Ragabash)

Notable Traits: Missing his right eye. Spirit Magnet.

Pack: N/A

Sept: N/A

Africa-1296776 640.png


  • Born to Unimpressed in 2010. Smaller than his sister (kinfolk) he was pushed around and learned a healthy respect for females.
  • In his second winter (December of 2011) while “playing” with his siblings he went through his first change. He was pacified fairly easily.
  • While learning and getting ready to take his rank challenge Unimpressed taught Crunch the old ways and to hate the Simbas.
  • Before his rank challenge Crunch realized that he couldn't read thanks to a human kinfolk. Instead of learning it the right way he instead made a deal with a spirit. Buzzards always know where the fresh kills are so he decided they must be smart. Too smart for him, really, he lost his eye but did learn how to read. This is also where he made his spirit pact with buzzard.

  • Doing his best he tried to learn from the others in his clan but his curiosity, especially towards the umbra sometimes led him into trouble. He always seems to attract spirits and he just feels that's normal but it does hamper his ability to go unnoticed in the umbra. He was found by Kallista Black taught spirit skin so he might more easily blend and learn.
  • While learning from Kallista Ed showed up. He noticed that while Crunch was smart, especially for a Hyaenid born, but he was basically useless in a fight. Ed taught him how to handle himself long enough to get away. During this time Crunch voraciously consumed any all all books he could get from Ed (paid for by Kallista). His favorites currently is Ender's Game (though he only truely understands some of it) and The Tempest.
  • After he had mastered this new gift and showed he could handle himself if things went wrong, Kallista gave him his second rank challenge. Use what he knew, and what he had learned to infiltrate a group of Weaver spirits and gain information. The only rules, Get in, Get out, and have them never be the wiser.


  • Crunch, wanting to learn more about the Umbra and the Spirits was able to convince a Jaggling Orb Weaver spirit near Denver to teach him the gift Umbral Tether.
  • Because he had ties in the area it was decided he would go with a kinfolk to Denver to make sure they would be safe while they learned. Crunch isn't fully sure what Sea Es You is but he's determined to keep his cousin safe.


  • Hyaenid Form: Bellow is a picture of Crunch in his breed form. His missing eye is scared closed. The eye patch he wears in his homid form leads to a slight darker patch of fur on his face.
Hyena-140135 640.jpg

  • Crocas & Crinos Forms: Crunch's Crocas & Crinos forms looks much like his Hyaenid except larger and more vicious looking. His eye that is missing in his other forms is there but foggy white and useless. The scars around more vivid and angry.
  • Anthros Form: This form is one Crunch rarely goes to, but when he does it looks like his Homid form but wider a small bit taller and his skin darkens to a more grey tone.
  • Homid Form: Crunch's Homid form is a hair over six feet and about as wide as a door frame. He has white skin, and dark hair (kept short). He sports a dark beard and wears an eye patch.


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  • "A wiley little guy, and my friend. You upset him, you make me mad. Not a good idea." - Kallista Black
  • "Kallisti...err, Kallista introduced me to him and he asked of me two things; to learn how to fight as a Homid and to learn how to read. I taught him everything I know about hand to hand and gave him my collection from the Commandant's Reading List. Just like an Ajaba, he figuratively devoured them both." - Ed

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OOC Information

Player: Todd Walton

Storyteller: Conor Sexton

Location: Denver,CO