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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Crystal "Throws the Shade" Anderson

Notable Traits: Has a PhD in Religion with a focus on pagan revival faiths. Fingertips are blackening as a result of her auspice and her studies.

Pack: Beta Rho Omicron

Sept: Hope's Resurgence


Born to a Japanese mother (who was a Kitsune kinfolk) and a Scandinavian father in Scotland, Crystal's very first moments were an odd mish-mash of cultures. She was destined from day one to be a revolutionary of cultural norms. Her father raised her to cherish the Norse mythology as faith, and her mother raised her knowing the Kitsune myths of old. Crystal saw them all as connected: Gaia, the realms of Shinto and the Norse pantheon. She also grew up knowing that there were plenty of people (and creatures) in the world that hated her for being mixed race. Little Crystal stood out among the crowds of other kids in school in Scotland. Many were welcoming to her, but there were parents and kids that directed hate towards her, simply for her parents loving each other. But more tragedy was in the stars for Crystal. Not long after her tenth birthday, Crystal's father was killed in a car accident. After this devastating loss, her mother decided it would be best if they moved regularly, not putting down roots anywhere in particular. Crystal's formative years were spent bouncing around the UK and Scandinavia.

Eventually they reconnected with long-lost family in Florida, and Crystal got accepted into the University of Florida. She quickly found other kinfolk Fera there. They grew very close, and became a strong support system as--throughout the years--one would experience their first change, others would struggle with their Master's program, celebrate together getting doctorates, and eventually...Crystal's first change.

In school, Crystal focused on religious studies, specifically pagan revival religions. She carried her Norse pagan faith every step of the way, and around 2008 she noticed the trends of white supremacy infecting her religion and culture. Having been the survivor of racism her entire life, Crystal made it her mission to root out and eradicate the white supremacy that had bastardized her father's ancestry. Crystal firmly believes that this hatred is born of the Wyrm, and as is tradition with the Kitsune Doshi, focused her studies in the Fera world on those creatures that seek to destroy Gaia. (Crystal even believes that Odin is likely the source of this hatred of the Asatru Folk Assembly and other white supremacists, as a Wyrm-tainted spirit.)

Now, Crystal and her pack--beta rho omicron--are moving to join the sept in Atlanta to find a place away from their scholarly origins.



Crystal's father was actually murdered by agents of the Wyrm, not killed in an accident.

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OOC Information

Player: Jill Baldwin US2005116903

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Storyteller: Eric Pridgen

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