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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Danika "Dani" Windsor
Deed Name:Ctrl-Alt-Del ("Del")
Notable Traits:Constantly Moving, Extremely Talkative
Pack:The Menagerie
Camp:Gray Hats
Sept:Puerto Rico
OOC Information
Player:Charlyne L.
Player Email:mes.charlyne@gmail.com
Storyteller:VST Apocalypse
Storyteller Email:mes-virtual-apoc-staff
Location:Fort Myers, FL


Del has long black hair, often seen with feathers, beads, or other items woven into it. She has large, dark eyes, pale skin, and a thin build. Though her clothes are generally a fairly normal combo of jeans and t-shirt, she's always wearing lots of shiny jewelry... necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets. She jingles and jangles and isn't much for sneaking unless she's in feathered form. She's always moving, talking, listening, sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, then haring off on an adventure.


Connections and Accomplices

Public Timeline

  • 1990, Dec 5 - Danika is born to Corax kinfolk Leah and Michael Windsor.
  • 2007, March 18 - Danika goes through her First Change. An Adren Corvid Corax takes her under his wing as her mentor.
  • 2008, May - The Gnostic Plague hits Danika’s local Caern, weakening it. It falls during an attack of Black Spiral Dancers. Still considered a Fledge, Dani is hidden away from the battle and protected. Her mentor dies while accompanying a scouting party in the battle.
  • 2009, Jan 3 - Shortly after her 18th birthday, Danika attends her first Corax Parliament and advances in Rank. She becomes known as “Ctrl-Alt-Del” for her skill with hacking. She decides to begin traveling, searching out information and learning stories.
  • 2015 - Ctrl-Alt-Del performs the Rite of Acceptance and joins the Garou Nation.
  • 2016 - Ctrl-Alt-Del moves to Puerto Rico and joins the Sept there.



  • "Molotov Cocktails. No, really. Like raining fiery death from above." - Madison Walsh
  • "Del? Yeah...I mean she's awesome...and my packmate...and awesome...there are fewer people that I trust to get me inforamtion, though it might be slightly disjointed from time to time...and definitely no one that I trust more to get me through the Umbra...also, she's really awesome." - James LaCoix