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Character Information
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: Avatars of the Living Myth
City: Indianapolis, IN Mage
Cabal: TBD
Consilium: TBD
Player: Brian Baker
Storyteller: Lewis Baustian

Character Description

Cyrus is a short but well-dressed individual who somehow always seems to be almost natural blurry, like he is always surrounded by smoke or dust. His tastes lying mostly in monochrome, it is uncommon to see him without a vest, gloves, scarf and trilby even when it's warm. While he has a look that says he always knows something that the others around him do not know, it never seems to be pleasant knowledge, and Cyrus seems to be constantly fighting against an inevitable darkness when not around family or those he cares about deeply.

Cyrus is old-minded Guardian, a Death-obsessed smooth-talker who rejected recruitment of the Mysterium to instead focus on issues outside Awakened society, a mindset that kept him safe from involvement in the Ten-Second War, even if it didn’t save those close to him. He spent his time protecting the Veil from within Mortal spheres by involving himself, using the skills he gained as a con artist and religious leader in his former life to guide mortals either through a safe Awakening or to get lost in the Labyrinth. Cyrus is wracked by guilt that his ideals somehow saved him when others sacrificed themselves for the sake of the world, making it hard to make decisions when he’s caught between his old ideals and those of his friends he’s lost, whose cause he wishes to help further.


Born December 3rd, 1978 Joined Seminary school in 1995, dropped out in 1999 Shortly after, Jacob has his first encounter with a powerful ghost, scarring his soul. Feeling enlightened in his survival, Jacob created a small religious cult in 2000, which garnered him a small following. 2005, Jacob dissolved the cult, however, he himself suddenly targeted by Hunters. His assets were attacked, and he ended up bankrupt. He moves to Seattle with his family. 2006, Jacob is taken in by Labyrinth who professes belief in what he saw. Over the next few years, he gets the help he needs to get back on his feet. 2010, Jacob is attacked by a small group of hunters. He kills one with his own knife, but finds himself injured in the process. He Awakens partway through, and the body of the dead man rises up and kills his former friends in the defense of the new mage. 2011, Jacob rejects the offer of the friends he’s made in the Mysterium and Free Council, instead deciding to join the Guardians who helped him through the Labyrinth in order to continue their cause, despite only knowing a few. He takes the shadow name Cyrus Bannister. 2012, the 10 Second War, most of Cyrus’s friends and cabal are either dead or in stasis. There is only a single cabalmate still alive, and he joins him and a few others in Seattle, although he does not join the cabal. 2014, Cyrus finally manages to rebuild a cult in Seattle, making use of a masque inspired by his old mentor and his former cult. 2017, Cyrus, finally hearing about some of the Compacts being built, resolves to attend one as soon as he can, whether a formation or a meeting, to gather information both on the how and the why this is being done. He starts traveling around the US and Canada, continuing the foundations of his cult as he goes.


Dark thoughts creep into the minds that come too close Cyrus, and periodically lights will flicker as he passes by. Chills enter the spine of those who witness him working, dread and fear of the nearby moving shadows making them wonder if they're mad or the world is. Recently, a pair of dark, spiral, ashy horns appear on his head when he invokes his nimbus. When examining the signature he leaves behind, dark flames on a stack of bricks flicker and die in a persistent cycle of construction and consumption; more recent iterations show a pair of devil horns within the fire.


  • Cyrus is actually a Mastigos that's conning people into believing he's a Moros
    • Actually, he's an Obrimos who has delusions of being the God of Death
    • No, he's a just another fatalistic Acanthus obsessed with contracts
  • Cyrus's parents were wealthy aristocrats whose deaths set him up for life.
    • He's actually the one who killed them.


  • "Oh, yeah, C-Cyrus is my cousin! We s-sort of lost track of each other for a while because of family stuff, which means we've got a lot of catching up to do. Um. I feel worry I'm offending him all the time, though." - Spindle
  • "My horror begs to see his rage unloaded, but my adoration for you would rather see you temper it with good friends. Come meet my family and find yourself something to be less mad about. We should most certainly speak more." - Mara
  • "Cyrus is a worthy ally, who I an happy to call a fellow Avatar. While his path is not one that I would walk, I know he will be able to find Wisdom and Enlightenment on it." Grimnir
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OOC Information


Pigpen from Peanuts comics

Ella from the TV show Lucifer

Milton Dammers from the movie the Frighteners

and on more obvious note: Cyrus the Great and Dhul-Qarnayn

Player Bio

Player: Brian Baker

Player Email:

Storyteller: Lewis Baustian

Storyteller Email:

Location: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin