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Strand Master of Eastern Canada, Watcher of the Camarilla

"See and Keep Silent" -Sir Francis Walsingham

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Name: Cyrus Geoffrey Eddington

Clan: Nosferatu

Sect: Camarilla

City: Hamilton, ON

Sire: Gregoire Merovech

Lineage: Eddington is a confirmed member of a lineage.

Childer: Jimmy Kincaid, Drake Barkow, Swarm, Deidra Eddington,

Embraced: France, 1586


Elder (Pretender)


Confirmed, Established, Privileged


Loyal by Fergus Alexander (Archon to Justicar Warwick)
Favored by Maryann Fletcher (Archon to Justicar Warwick)
Acclaimed by Prince Balantyne (Prince of Hamilton)
Honorable by Prince Balantyne (Prince of Hamilton)

Notable Traits: Like all of his clan, Eddington is hideous to behold. Unlike some in his clan, Eddington makes little attempt to hide or disguise his appearance in front of other Kindred. At more formal gatherings, however, he has been known to wear a mask and some speculate this is to honor the Elder Androvikus from whom he is descended. Though he always speaks in a low and gravely voice, Eddington has sometimes been known to speak in an absolute whisper.

Known & Notable History

  • Eddington mentored with Maryanne Fletcher, the so-called 'Hangman's Bride' and childe of Stanford Warwick, to learn Nosferatu tradecraft.
  • Eddington spearheaded Camarilla efforts in Kingston to fight the Sabbat during Canada's War of 1812.
  • Eddington was the founding Sheriff of the City of Ottawa (Bytown) and later served as the longtime Primogen of his clan.
  • Eddington is known to be an expert on the strategies and tactics of the Sabbat.
  • Eddington was a vocal supporter of Stanford Warwick's decision during the Nights of Turmoil to leak intelligence on antitribu battle plans.
  • Eddington was seen as Loyal by Archon Fergus Alexander soon after Warwick became Justicar.


In his true form, Eddington appears to be an emaciated creature with pale, withered skin stretched across a bony skeleton. He has sunken eyes and a mouth of uneven teeth. Eddington always wears a tattered, black scarf around his neck and a pair of black gloves. He mostly dresses in worn-out black blazers and dark jeans that often smell of the sewers. Recently, Eddington has taken to wear what resembles an iron mask and the black scarf across his face thus concealing his appearance fully from those around him.


  • His unique interest and knowledge of theatre suggests that Cyrus Eddington is a psuedonym for a much more famous playwright Embraced during the Renaissance.
  • Eddington may have been a protege of Stanford Warwick during his time in Scotland with Maryanne Fletcher.
  • Eddington's Status from the Archon is allegedly in recognition for his support of Warwick's intelligence leak.
  • Eddington's spy network was backed by Elders of the Camarilla as a means to track down and destroy Caitiff.
  • Eddington has increasingly nursed sympathies for the Anarch Movement since the Edict of Succession.
  • Eddington opposes to the Chicago Blood Accords.
  • Eddington's lineage is now largely populated by his own childer.
  • Eddington has increasingly grown disenchanted with the Camarilla and has spoken of the possibility of his clan leaving all sects en masse.
  • Eddington has demonstrated a fanatical hatred regarding the act of Diablerie and those in the Sabbat who practice it.
  • Running against the grain of his clan, Eddington seems to enjoy a strange affinity towards those of the Clan Toreador.


This is not known IC'ly but is here for the purposes of story seeds for character ties

  • 1586: Eddington is Embraced by his Sire and mentored by elders in the ways of the clan.
  • 1650 to 1770: Eddington is released from Accounting by his Sire and travels to Scotland where meets with and mentors under the tutelage of the Nosferatu Maryanne Fletcher. The childe of Stanford Warwick, Fletcher teaches him clan tradecraft and the role of the Nosferatu as watchers for the Camarilla.
  • 1770 - 1780: At the behest of his mentor, Eddington travels to North America to support the Camarilla in their efforts to settle the New World and guard against the Sabbat.
  • 1782 - Eddington settles in Cataraqui in what is now the city of Kingston to support the Camarilla.
  • 1786 - 1825: Eddington assists the Camarilla in securing the city. Taking after his mentor, he establishes himself a 'Strand Master' of Upper Canada and builds a Web of agents throughout the region. Later, he marshals intelligence gathering during the War of 1812 against Sabbat incursions.
  • 1826 - 1900: Eddington moves his operations to establish the Court of Bytown. He becomes the first Sheriff of the Camarilla court when it is renamed Ottawa in 1854. Though he travels extensively across the country, Eddington always returns to the “Nation’s Capital”.
  • 1900 - Prince Joliette-Shaughnessy (Toreador) takes praxis in Ottawa and Eddington is dismissed from his position as Sheriff. He maintains his intelligence network and maintains his own sense of security and order in the city.
  • 1929 - 1998: The Ottawa sewer explosion kills a number of Nosferatu. Seeking to unify his weakened clan, Eddington assumes the position of Primogen. Throughout the years, he actively mentors other Nosferatu in tradecraft like Fletcher did for him. He travels across Canada building his intelligence network. A reputed expert on their tactics, Eddington consults Camarilla courts on matters of espionage with the aim of destroying the Sword of Caine.
  • 1998 - 2001: Eddington is summoned to meet with his Maryanne Fletcher who tasks him with the mission of gathering sensitive intelligence on Sabbat Nosferatu of eastern North America. This intelligence is later used by Stanford Warwick to sell out the anti-tribu and save Camarilla vampires in Cleveland.
  • 2001 - 2006: Eddington attempts to exert his Web to influence mortal hunters to attacking the Sabbat. When the hunter cells start attacking the Camarilla, however, he loses many of these same assets in defending the sect.
  • 2006: During the Week of Broken Masks, several of Eddington’s proteges are ‘outed’ and meet Final Death at the hands of hunters. With their intelligence networks routed and their retainers / allies burned, Eddington’s intelligence Web suffers an almost wholesale collapse across Canada.
  • 2007 - 2011: Working alongside the Camarilla of Ottawa, Eddington assists the Nosferatu Anarch Halliwell in brokering an unsteady alliance between the Tower and the Anarch Movement in Ottawa. Later, with the signing of the Edict of Succession, this brokering allows for the formation of the Anarch Barony in Gatineau (Hull) under Halliwell's leadership.
  • 2012 - Eddington meets in Kitchener-Waterloo with Elders of the Camarilla alongside members of the Anarch Movement and the Independent Alliance. Their goal to take back Hamilton from the Sabbat is called off when the Chicago Blood Accords are ratified.
  • 2013 - 2017: Eddington remains in Kitchener-Waterloo rebuilding some of his lost Web while reinforcing the power of the Camarilla in southern Ontario. He forms an alliance with the Elder Malkavian Thomas.
  • 2017: Eddington participates in the Tripartite effort to take back Hamilton before settling with Camarilla contingent backed by Anarch and Independent forces.
  • 2018: Eddington leads an effort to eliminate a cell of hunters working in Hamilton. The operation is thwarted by other Kindred in the city leading him to further distrust those around him. Later in the year, he leads an expedition deep into the Warrens of the city to investigate a threat to his clan. He loses a valued clanmate and vows to renew his efforts to put clan before other interests.
  • 2019: Eddington, alongside other members of the Primogen Counsel, orchestrates the ouster of Elder Cornelius as Prince of Hamilton and secures the praxis of the Ancilla Tremere Balantyne. Following this action, he positions himself to be Balantyne's chief advisor. Later that year, he attends an Elder salon in Minneapolis to discuss the threat Kindred society by the Unblinded Brotherhood.

Quotes from Him

  • "See all, hear all... and keep your damned mouth shut."
  • "I support the Tower by the will of my Justicar."
  • "It is better to fear too much than fear too little."
  • "Listen and watch what others say and do. Take offence to nothing. Spies are duplicitous bastards. So should you be. Words are just words. When you live in shit, words mean less than nothing. Never forget your place as Nosferatu. We are supposed to be the ass end of Kindred society. It is our lot but also our power. We must embrace it if we are to have anything on the others."
  • "In the matter of the Anarchs, I long ago stopped dismissing the Movement as a mindless rabble. Their intelligence networks alone, specifically pertaining to mortal hunters, make them valuable assets to be cultivated whenever possible. Those in the Tower who refuse to deal with the Anarchs for ideological reasons do so at their own peril."
  • "History keeps her secrets longer than most of us. But she has one secret that I have managed to decipher. There are no winners... and no losers. It's a zero sum game."
  • "We are all spooks in the secret theatre of this society."

Quotes about Him

  • "Fear what lies at the center of the web." Jimmy Kincaid
  • “He’s got a surprising humor.” Jackal
  • “Those with an abundance of knowledge are burdened with a noble responsibility to see it acted upon in proper fashion, Elder Eddington raises the bar on such standards. ” Edwardus of Nottingham


OOC Information

Player: S. Near

Storyteller: L. White

Game: Bloody Assize

Domain: Katharsis d14