Cyrus Evanston

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Committed as a member of the Anarch Movement

"But what was wrong with that? They were drunk on youth, fueled by greed, and higher than kites." - Jordan Belfort


A man of medium height, usually dressed in dark colour and lacking in shirts, Cyrus often wears dark shades to conceal his green slit eyes. It doesn't help conceal the black, iridescent scales that dot his cheeks, reflecting light in a whole rainbow of colours. Well built, he's decently attractive but easily fades into the background when he wants to. He's a known irresponsible partyboy, and sometimes it's a little hard to keep him on any task. However, when something *does* gain his focus, one will find very quickly that his addictive personality has obsessive tendencies.

He speaks with a hint of some foreign accent, a confusing product of being raised in India to British parents, and then lived most his Kindred life in the American South. He's well traveled and loves to tell stories of the one time he got super wasted here or there.

He's particularly skilled at working the mortal crowd, and maintains a good facade in their world as a music producer and party organizer.

He'd like to say he's not one of *those* Setites, but yes, he's got the good stuff.

Notable Traits:

  • Green Snake Eyes
  • Iridescent scales
  • A cool pair of shades

1895: Born in New Delhi, India, to British parents. Father was a British diplomat to Southeast Asia, and his mother came from a long line of the East India Company’s wealthiest.

1910: Travels in the British territory of Hong-Kong; started making money doing simple street magic, and from there he followed the lure of opium dens.

1915: Traveled back to the UK with parents as father signed on to participate in WW1.

1916: Dodges the war draft by sneaking away from his parents and moving to the United States. Settles in Tallahassee, starting a small shady pawn shop and dealing in opium once again.

1918: Ran from Florida when his mother came to find him, moving instead to Alabama, where he continued his business.

1921-1923: Became a well-known supplier of rum to speakeasies in the Southern US. Wandered his way into a Setite’s cult in a New Orleans club, and with his financial and social mobility quickly became one of the Setite’s favourite ghouls.

1924: Embraced.

1930-1938: Studied the worship of Set under priests in Freeport.

1994-1999: Brief period of torpor for rest.

1999: Awakened during the week of nightmares, disturbed by events in Hong Kong, began stockpiling assets and followers for expected doomsday.

2000-2010: Doomsday never came, allowing him to continue on with his business.

2011: Independent Alliance is formed, and, refusing to work and share with the Giovanni, Cyrus commits himself to the Anarch Movement.

  • "Your Quote." - You!

  • Cyrus has 20 piercings, and only four of them are actually visible.
  • He's actually way too sympathetic to the Independent Alliance to be an Anarch...
  • He was cursed by a shaman as a kid.
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OOC Information

Player: Ron Osypiuk - US2016040801

Location: MES Virtual Anarch

Cyrus Evanston

Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Anarch Movement
Domain: Bahamas
Player: Ron Osypiuk
VST: Virtual VST